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DVD drive ejects all discs I insert

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DVD drive ejects all discs I insert

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I have an XPS M1530 laptop with a TEAC DVD+-RW DVW28SLC ATA drive.


No matter what disc I insert, it tries to read it for about a minute, you can hear the disc spinning and then an attempt to read it, then it ejects the disc.


I have tried various blank cds, as well as burned cds, and retail cds that had previously worked fine.


I just began to notice this problem a few weeks ago when trying to install a program.  Otherwise, it worked for about 2 months when I first bought it (refurbished).


Any suggestions where to start?

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  • Hi, okhandan:

    Try booting to safe mode (F8) and see if you are able to insert a data disc and read its contents in Explorer. If you can, then that would point to some XP service as the problem. If the drive is still spitting discs in safe mode, then I suspect a hardware issue.

  • Just tried that, same exact problem in safe mode.  Spits out the discs after a minute of attempting to read.  BTW, I am on Vista.  Any other troubleshooting methods, or should I give Dell a call?

  • Last thing to try, since Dell will ask you to do this anyway. Boot to the utility partition (F12) and run the diagnostics on the drive with a data CD in the drive.

  • I tried it, the diagnostic could not even read or scan the disc, and it would eject itself as usual.  I was using a genuine MS Office disc that used to work on the computer when I first bought it.  :(

  • Hey,

    Try these.

    (1) Remove burning software you - all of them.

    (2) If you use Roxio, install px engine onto the computer.

    That should help.





  • Hi, okhandan:

    Definitely time to replace the drive, I'm afraid. Do you know what to look for or would you like a suggestion?

  • Thanks for the suggestions everyone.  I tried all the things, and eventually spoke to Dell support.  They ran me through some tests as well, and turns out its probobly a hardware problem.  They are having a rep bring a new drive to install on my laptop in the next few days.  Its just a bummer it had to happen so soon on my new laptop!  thanks everyone

  • I'm having the exact same problem.  Same laptop/OS/drive etc.

    It started after I inserted a different region DVD - Vista informed me the region had two region changes left, and I chose to cancel (as it's a friend's laptop).  Now the drive ejects all DVDs and CDs after trying to read them for a short while (less than a minute).  I've tried all of the above suggestions.  Very annoying, especially since the laptop was bought overseas (and as I say it isn't even mine).   :(

  • edit: whoops responded about wrong laptop.


    anyways, the problem was fixed when dell replaced my optical drive. convince dell support to come fix it, it should solve the problem. just a faulty drive.

  • I know this post is very old but I have a suggestion for something to try.  First, Try cleaning the lens very carefully.   If that does not fix the problem, Try moving the laser from the outside toward the center.  DVD's and CD's Read and Write from the Center going out.  The laser assembly may be stuck unable to read the TOC (table of contents) on the medial.  I just tried that on my own laptop and it resolved the issue.  Good luck.

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