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Upper and Lower Filters Missing

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Upper and Lower Filters Missing

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My PC is a Dell Inspiron 530

Operating System is Windows Vista Ultimate


At some point in the past I removed Roxio Creator MyDVD 9.0 DE

I then upgraded my I tunes to Version 8.2

When I ran I tunes it gave me the message " No Drivers in Upper Filters and No Drivers in Lower Filters. No External Plugs-ins Installed.  Error -43"

My CD drive will now not detect an Audio CD, nor can I burn to a CD. I can still use the Drive to install Games.

I'm assuming that removing Roxio Creator has also removed the required filter registry settings ?

I have followed the Microsoft knowledge base to look into the registry settings for the CD drive and there is no mention of Upper or Lower Filters in the Registry.

I have trawled through the Dell community problems forums but not found anything which helps me directly, although some descriptions of problems closely relate to my problem, but not exactly. Most solutions refer to Windows XP.

How can I restore my Registry settings to include the required Upper and Lower Filter entries for the CD\DVD drive ?

Any help would be much appreciated. It's driving me crazy as I've tried many options but all have failed.

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