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Dell Dimension 8100 Hard Drive Change Issue

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Dell Dimension 8100 Hard Drive Change Issue

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I purchased a Dell Dimension 8100 back in 2001 (BIOS Ver: XP2).  Throughout the years I have replaced the hard drive with a 200 GB (Maxtor Diamond Max Plus 9) and added a secondary hard drive (160 GB - Maxtor Diamond Max Plus 9).  Just recently my main drive (200 GB) went bad and I had to replace it (Western Digital 320 GB).  I replaced the drive and when the machine boots up it displays the following message:

Primary Hard Disk Drive 0 Not Found
Primary Hard Disk Drive 1 Not Found

After that message it displays "Detecting..." and displays a list of my drives.  It reads the first one (0) as WD & the second one (1) as Maxtor.  I go into the BIOS and it reads them as Unknown Devices.

I inserted the CD that came with the WD drive and it is able to read them as Primary & Secondary fine.

Then when I insert the Windows XP Professional w/ SP3 CD it cannot find the drive.

Has anyone encountered this issue before and/or know what the resolution is for this?  I am sure that I am missing something that is simple.

Also I should note that the Jumpers are setup correctly.

Warm Regards,
Joe Big Smile

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  • jferranti

    Try clearing the NVRAM

    See HERE



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  • Thank you for the response.  I did that (for my machine I needed to remove the battery) and when the machine boots up that message no longer appears.  I went into the BIOS and did the reset.  Primary Drive 0 & Primary Drive 1 were reading Off.  I followed the steps in the BIOS reset - Alt + F changes Primary Drive 0 to Unknown Device.  I then loaded the Windows XP Professional CD and was able to get a little further in the installation process but when I get to the point where it looks for the drive I get this - There is no disk in this drive.  I am going to try and update the BIOS from XP2 to A09.  In the past I had an issue with version A09 reading certain peripherals so I had to downgrade it.  If this does NOT work any other suggestions with be helpful.

    On a side note - I went back into the BIOS and Primary Drive 0 & Primary Drive 1 are both reading Off after the BIOS reset and reboot.  I changed the settings to Auto and the message appears at the beginning of the startup process.  I went back in and changed the option to User 1 (Primary Drive 0) & User 2 (Primary Drive 1), rebooted the machine and that error went away however those settings are locked in and is not allowing me to change them.  Sad

    Update to the settings being locked.  I waited a little while and went back in and then it allowed me to change the settings.  Also with the BIOS I am going to need to find another machine that has a floppy drive.  The other machines in my house do not have floppy drives.  Sad

    Thanks again
    Joe Big Smile