i had my xps 1330 for nearly a year now without any problems but i have to admit i barely use it as i use a desktop at home and another one at work. yesterday i turned the laptop on after nearly 2 months of no use.i tried to watch a DVD movie but the computer could not recognise any disc (movie dvd, data cd, software cd..etc)..i could hear the desc spining in the dvd slot drive but nothing happens...when i go through media direct it tells me that i need to insert a disc eventhough it is already inserted. i checked the device manager...no problems...driver fine. i ran the diagnostics and all passed apart from the read and seek tests...i got message saying ( the cd inserted in your cd rom drive does not contain any data tracks. you must insert a cd containing data such as a software installation cd if you would like to try again)....i tried different cds and dvds ...nothing works...i even restored the laptop to the dell factory image..no help....any advice please as i waste dmy weekend trying to sort out this problem...only 19 days left on my warranty...by the way my dvd drive is Matshita DVD+ - RW UJ-857G ATA Device