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Hard Drive 'clicking', diagnostics show FAIL - Return Code 7 -- still working; what to replace with ??

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Hard Drive 'clicking', diagnostics show FAIL - Return Code 7 -- still working; what to replace with ??

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Hey all,


I have a Dimension XPS Gen 4, running Win XP, with a Maxtor 6Y160M0 Hard Drive (160GB Serial ATA - 7200RPM).  Recently started 'clicking' at times, sometimes followed by BSOD, sometimes not (usually STOP  0X00000077 or 0X0000007A).   Diagnostics show FAIL with a return code 7.  PC is 3.5 years old.  Research shows Maxtor drives fail a lot! I can still log on and work, but fear not for long, gets slower as time goes by. Have copied off all important data.  What would be suggestion for replacement hard drive (internal) ?  Have heard Seagate makes good products.  Not familiar with any other manufacturers.  Really don't need more than 160GB.

I've also heard Maxtor hard drives have 5-year manufacturer warranty - can't find that in any of my documentation; only show Dell 3 year warranty, which (of course) is expired. Anyone know why Dell would not go by manufacturer warranty ?

Plan to connect new hard drive as slave to old and copy everything (OS, etc.) then disconnect old. Have no idea how to do, but how hard can it be?

Thanks for any suggestions as to what to purchase. Having hard time with Dell customer service, so have no problems purchasing elsewhere. Suggestions welcome as to other sources also.


Thank you !





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  • quaranta

    All the hard drives Dell installs in their computers, have the same period of warranty as the computer and is provided by Dell, not the hard drive's manufacturer.

    Yes, Seagate make an excellent SATA hard drive, that has a five year year warranty and you can buy a replacement from most local or online computer stores.

    You need a imaging utility, similar to either Acronis True Image Home 2009 or Acronis Migrate Easy 7.0

    If you buy the retail boxed version of the Seagate/Maxtor hard drive, a copy of Acronis should be included, this can be used only with their drives, or you can download it from Seagate/Maxtor website, you will also find that other hard drive manufacturers have their own free cloning software available.

    First, install the new drive as the secondary, image the exsisting C:/ to it. Immediately shut the system down, switch the data cable [SATA port 0] to the new drive, make the new hard drive the master and see if the system boots correctly. Boot the system with only the new hard drive connected.

    Remember to leave the original drive disconnected, until the new hard drive is working to your satisfaction.

    Before cloning a hard drive, be certain that existing drive has no corruption or virus on it, as these will be transfered to the new hard drive.

    A second SATA data cable will be required, there should be a spare SATA power connector inside the case.



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  • quaranta


    Anyone know why Dell would not go by manufacturer warranty?


    They don't even offer the full warranty period on (some of) their own products Anne... certainly if/when they're bought as part of a system!


    For instance... all their monitors (to my knowledge?) carry a three year - next business day replacement warranty.

    If the same monitor is part of a complete system however - and the system only has a one year warranty, the monitor only has the same one year warranty as well Surprise


    I find that absolutely astonishing myself!


    Re Seagate drives:  Yeah... they're among the most popular drives on the market - probably helped in some part due to them having a five year warranty.

    In fairness though, they're also very fast... quieter than many other drives... and at least as reliable as most other makes as well Cool


    BTW:  You may not be aware of it, but Seagate actually own Maxtor now!

    But... in the same way that Alienware systems still carry their own brand name - even though Alienware are now owned by Dell... Maxtor drives still carry their own brand name as well Idea

    However... the fact Seagate do now own them, should mean that they're now of better quality, and offer more relaibility, than many of their older drives Wink

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  • On the question of copy the complete drive - Have a look at Casper V4 or now 5 I think .... I have used it several times when upgrading system. It is very simple to use and have never let me down so far.


    Hope you get your system up and running ok ....

  • quaranta

    Dell in common, with the other OEM computer makers, Gateway, HP, E-Machine, Toshiba, etc, buy their hard drives in bulk from the drive manufacturers, without a warranty and providing their own warranty to obtain the lowest price.  This warranty is for the same period, as the one purchased on the computer. 

    Regards to Seagate five year warranty, January 3rd 2009, on selected hard drives, Seagate is reducing this to three years, but any hard drive purchased with a five year warranty, will have this honoured.

    See HERE



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