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Latitude E6500 CD/DVD drive not recognizing media

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Latitude E6500 CD/DVD drive not recognizing media

  • I've been having nothing but issues with my new e6500 laptop.  First the display went, which I called in and thanks to Gold support I will be getting that replaced tomorrow.  However, in the meantime, I've wanted to get data off I need for a server migration I am performing tomorrow, so I hooked up an external monitor.  Unfortunately,  I can't burn anything to DVD or CD.  I've tried multiple blank media, including DVD+R and CD-R media.  This is media I've used with no problem in my Latitude D820.  Roxio keeps saying either the media is bad, or will start the writting process then report bad media.  I then tried writting with just Windows by dragging it to the D: drive, and that aborts as soon as the writting process starts.  I've tried another drive by swapping with another e6500 laptop we have, but no luck.



    I upgraded this laptop from the XP downgrade to Vista 64bit Business edition to take advantage of the full 4GB of RAM in the system...  I installed all the drivers available on the Dell website, and I've ran all updates using the Software Manager for Roxio Creator DE.    For background, I am a long time computer tech, now a network analyst, and this has me stumped, especially seeing I swapped out the drive.  Could my new laptop be possesed by Gremlins?


    Edited:  Drive is a TSSTcorp DVD+-RW_TS-U633A

    Message Edited by sheehanje on 10-30-2008 03:26 PM
  • I am having the same problems with my E6500, Vista x64 and Creator DE.  I have a Matshita uj862a drive.  Did you find a solution to your problem? 

  • Hi, Sheehanje:

    If you performed an in-place upgrade of the OS rather than a clean installation, then I would try reinstalling Roxio.

    To determine if your drive is reading the media, go find a little utility called Nero Infotool.

  • I have a new E6500 with XP Pro and a uj862a drive that doesn't read DVDs anymore.  When I put a disc in, the light on the drive blinks a few times and then nothing else happens.  It doesn't start spinning and Windows Explorer still displays the name of the drive instead of the name of the disc.  It did this only occaisionaly when I first got the laptop, but now it won't read any disc at all.

    I'm guessing that the drive itself isn't working?