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Laptop Inspiron/Studio 1535 cd/dvd not recognizing any disks

  • I've got a TST Corp DVD+-RW TS-T633A drive that has suddenly stopped working while burning disks & doesn't recognize that any disk inserted (CD or DVD) - checked & ugraded BIOS from A03 to A05, checked the drivers (software up tp date), checked in hardware manager (device operating properly).  Ran a boot test & got this error code 0F00:137B , Msg: DVDRW_1 - Drive media is missing or blank.


    What am I missing here?

  • I have the Studio 1735 and the same DVD drive, but my drive is a hit or miss with me. It reads some disks but not others. Drivers appear to be okay and are up to date. I just reinstalled Vista too, but the DVD drive won't read the drivers disk that Dell sent with the laptop, nor does it read the Vista disk itself, so I had to use the recovery system to roll it back to factory settings, so not really a reinstallation, but I thought it might help. Didn't, of course. If I can't get the DVD drive to function, I may have to buy an external and use that instead. It's ridiculous that my laptop is barely two months old and I have this sort of a problem...
  • Have finally resolved this problem after chatting w/ tech support (good experience for this issue).  Ran several tests which confirmed the drive was faulty & needed to be replaced.  DELL had a tech contact me & arrange a time to come to me to do the fix (had to disassemble the computer to get to the drive & do the swap - oh but for the good old days...).