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IDE Device Failed

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IDE Device Failed

  • I have a Dell Inspiron 1501, right at a year old. I tried to reinstall and repair Windos Vista with one of the Windows Vista cd's I received from Dell. Repair runs and runs for hours and does not do anything. I got a Computer Failed to start message yesterday.  Today I am running the dell diagnostics test.  I have received the following messages:


    Error Code: 0F00:075D IDE Device Failes.  The self test failed the read portion of the test


    Error Code: 0F00:0244 Block 89522623:Uncorrectable data error or media is write-protected


    Not sure if this means my hard drive has crashed, or is there some other solution?

  • I have the same exact system and am having the same exact problem.  "seems" to have occurred after a Vista update, though I cannot be sure of that.


    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Mine was after a Vista update too.  I think the Service Pack 2.  I have a 2nd Vista installation disk.  I am trying that one now, and seems to be working so far.  It is at the completing installation stage.
  • So you are trying a reinstall of Vista?  I prefer to not do that, if I can help it, since I will then have to reinstall all the programs.   Let me know how it goes.
  • "Error Code: 0F00:0244 Block 89522623:Uncorrectable data error or media is write-protected"


    This means the drive has bad sectors and must be replaced.  It has nothing to do with a Vista update.


  • I have reinstalled Vista.  Hated to do that, because I too hate the hassle of reinstalling everything.  At least I had my "important" files backed up to another computer.  Everything working okay so far. 


    I find it hard to believe that this issue is not somehow related to the Vista update, though.  I have been reading too many posts here and on other sites where this is happening.  So, either its the Vista update, or Dell has badhard drives that are all going bad all of a sudden....on most posts I have read the peoples computers are year old or less.

  • Failure rates on hard drives in the first year run about 1% - multiply that by the hundreds of millions of drives shipped per year and you'll see millions of failures.  Some drives DO fail early on.



  • And the fact that you've reinstalled Vista says "it's not the hard drive".  I can get to my drive from the Command Line just fine, and the Recovery that I do says it was successful.  Then it won't boot, again.


    I truly believe this is a Vista update issue.   Time will tell...if it is, we'll hear about it very soon.

  • Not necessarily -- the install may simply have missed the bad sectors.  They'll reappear.


    When the diagnostics report bad sectors, there's physical damage to the drive.  It may be the damage isn't, for now, fatal - but it's just a matter of time before the system takes another dive.



  • Dell Vostro 1500 freezes

    Error Code: 0F00:075D IDE Device Failes.  The self test failed the read portion of the test

  • Hi Suncarelab,

    Your laptop needs a new hard drive.