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How to "Undo" backup to Recovery drive

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How to "Undo" backup to Recovery drive

  • I have a new Dell XPS Vista Ultimate system. I attempted to backup my system to the Recovery drive d:. At the first attempt, the software indicated that it did not have enough space but it backed up what it could. Now my Recover drive is out of space and I get an error message upon boot up. How can I "undo" the backup to the Recovery drive d: to gain that space back again but leave the files that the system needs on that drive?
  • Sorry but you have destroyed the recovery partition and its recovery data. The recovery partition is not to be backed up to. Wipe it clean and use it for a 3rd party backup program like Ghost or Acronis True Image.
  • Wait on whiping it clean I may have misunderstood. Can you see the recovery directory/files on that drive still? If so you will have to carefully delete the backup files you copied on there.
  • Yes, I can see the complete drive with various directories. I believe that I just need to know which directories can be deleted (having been created by the MS Backup process) and which ones to leave alone (original Recovery files). Believe me, I will never mess with that drive again!
  • Can you upload a screen shot here to take a look at?
  • Screen Shot link on my web picture page



    Thanks for your help,




  • Hmmmm well I can't tell sorry. What did you use to backup your files. Check your manual on how the sytem restore works maybe it will explain the folders.
  • I used Windows Back Up. At this point, I identified what looked like the back up folder (HOMEVISTA), I moved it to my c: drive temporarily to see if anything else is affected. So far, so good. It appears that the Recovery files may be in Dell/Image folder. There are other folders on the drive but I'm leaving them along.



  • You are correct the Dell restore is in the Dell\Image folder. Sorry for my limited knowledge I am still mostly using XP.
  • Thanks for your help.


    Since I do not plan to touch the Recovery drive d: again it's of no consequence, but there are other folders other than the Dell/Image folder such as Tools, Users, Windows, etc. Do you know if the back up created these folders or are they part of the original Recovery files?

  • Sorry I really don't know how Vista backs up. I have never used it. I use a 3rd party backup program.
  • Thanks for trying anyway.