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Latitude D810 PATA to SATA HDD Upgrade

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Latitude D810 PATA to SATA HDD Upgrade

  • I have a Dell Latitude D810 notebook, with a SerialATA hard drive controller interface (at least that's what I was told I have, plus the Linux kernel reports SerialATA as well), but the hard drive installed is a Hitachi Travelstar 7K100 60GB: HTS721060G9AT00, which an UltraATA drive with IDE interface. It connects to mainboard with a Foxconn pin adapter (p/n 59PJA). I have two questions:


    1. How can I be sure that I actually have a SerialATA interface for hard drives in my laptop?

    2. If I do, can I get a pin adapter to connect the SerialATA hard drive to the system board?

  • 1. You don't. The Dx10 series uses parallel ATA drives, not SATA.


    2.  You can't.  The system takes only parallel ATA hard drives.


    The Dx10 (D810, D610) systems were the last to use parallel ATA.  The Dx20 systems use SATA.

  • Thanks for the quick reply. I will look into parallel ATA drives then :(
  • I have a D610 and had contacted the dell support (via online chat facility) and the engineer confirmed that my machine has got 60 GB SATA drive. And the maximum I can upgrade is to 100 GB SATA drive.


    Now, you have mentioned above that D610 had PATA and not SATA drive. So, are you saying that the Dell engineer gave me a wrong information? I have the full chat transcript with me (which they send after the completion of online chat) which confirms that my latitude D610 has got 60GB SATA drive.


    Also, I have seen some of your other posts that mentioned that there is no limit now. So, just wanted to get a confirmation from you whether I can go beyond 100 GB for my D610?


    Lastly, are you a dell engineer? What are the sources of your information?


    Many thanks.


  • Ok, I the largest PATA drive I could find is the Western Digital Scorpio WD2500BEVE.


    Is it compatible with the D810 or there is a capacity limit I should be aware about?


    Thanks in advance!