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Latitude D600 will not turn on

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Latitude D600 will not turn on

  • Hello,


         My Dell Latitude D600 does not turn on when the power button is pressed. When the button is pressed the hard drive indicator starts to flicker as well as the other lights but after a few seconds they go out and nothing else happens. I swapped in a good battery from another dell d600 laptop that I own that is working and the same thing happened. I fear its a hard drive issue. Any ideas?

  • It's not a hard drive issue.


    Verify that the LED on the AC adapter comes on before you plug in the notebook end.  If it does not, replace the adapter with a new one.


    If it does and/or the system won't boot after the adapter is replaced, reseat the memory module(s).  Still nothing?  The mainboard is faulty - replace it.


  • I know the adapter is good. I will try to reseat the memory. Thank you.
  • ok, removed and reseated the memory and it still would not start. Motherboard?
  • If the adapter is OK, then yes, the mainboard is bad.


  • I am having the same problem, but I just replaced my entire motherboard lower assembly with a used/tested assembly, which includes all the battery circuitry and battery connector, CPU, everything!!! - Still doesn't boot with battery installed!!!!

    You'd think the POST would catch this problem and at least flash a message on the screen telling me what it was doing before it quit, but it doesn't, even when set to "Thorough" in the BIOS settings. 

    It will boot fine on AC power, but when I plug in a battery, the computer will immediately freeze - even the cursor and Caps Lock indicator. 

    If I turn the Power button off and back on with the battery in, the disk light will blink briefly and then - nothing, but the power light stays on. I have tried removing the AC while the battery is in, and the power LED will continue to stay on, so it's getting at least some battery power - But if I turn it off and back on under only battery power (with AC still unplugged), NOTHING comes on. Plug in the AC, and it goes back to disk flashing once then freezing. Take the battery out, and once again it boots normally. Tried several combinations of this power-up sequence to no avail. Also tried taking out DVD drive, disabling everything but Hard Drive in the boot sequence, etc... no change in symptoms. 

    I've replaced every component in the computer LITERALLY, except the LCD screen and hard disk drive. I can't believe how much money, time & effort I've devoted to this. I would have been better off buying a refurbished unit in hindsight (unemployed so can't afford a new laptop).

    I had even bought a new battery before I changed out the motherboard, and tried all this on my spare AC adapter. So the only thing left to do is image my old disk to a new drive and try a brand new drive, since SURELY my LCD screen can't be causing this - can it??? The only other possible thing I can think of is some low-level boot sector corruption that's crashing POST or the boot process when it tries to sense the battery, but I can't imagine why it would be doing that. Maybe I can try a brand new Win XP on that new drive before I overwrite it with the image from my old drive.

    BTW, it started all this when I spilt some Diet Coke on the keyboard a couple of months ago - but I've replaced the keyboard and everything below it except the hard drive.