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Dell Dimension 4600-Upgrading to SATA

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Dell Dimension 4600-Upgrading to SATA

  • Hi, I am using a Dimension 4600, 3GB memory with only a 20GB hard drive and it is full so I bought a Maxtor 500GB Serial ATA and a Sabrent Raid Serial card. I have the data cable hooked up and the power cable hooked up and when I try to use the "Setup.exe" it comes up with an error: "Please Plug-In C-Media PCI Audio". Nothing came with instructions but the card came with a small install disk but doesn't take off by itself. I ran the setup file after I found it on the disk.

    I would sure appreciate some help for sure!




  • I assume your orginal drive was a PATA drive.   Your not going to gain much by going to a SATA drive at this point, your PC is several years old.   Why not puchase another PATA drive.  Another option, I looked at the manual for your 4600 and It has SATA support on the mother board.  You might want to look into using that instead of the external controller.  To enable the SATA ports you need to go into setup, F2 on startup.   May have to change the boot order to no longer look for the PATA drive I assume your system had.


    Here a link to the manual

  • Hey Tom,


    Thanks for the reply. I'm not sure if the old drive was a PATA or not, I've been out of the loop for a number of years so I just figured it was an IDE drive. I bought this new drive thinking I couldn't get the older style. What I wanted to do is use the original 20GB HD as the master and the new drive as the slave. Ultimately I would like to just have everything on the new drive and take out the 20GB but sounded like a lot more work.

    Well anyway, I will look into what you told me.



  • Well I hooked the new drive up to the ata connector and the system recognizes that it's there but it doesn't show up in the "My Computer" where it shows the available drives.


    Still working  :)

  • You need to create and format the partition before you see the free space.   Right click my computer, select manage, select disk manager.   From here you can create a partition, format it and assign it a drive letter.



  • Great! all is working fine