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Internal CD/DVD drive not reading any disks at all

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Internal CD/DVD drive not reading any disks at all

  • I have a Dimension 3100 desktop almost 2 years old. I tried installing a game on to my computer but wouldnt read the cd at all. Have tried cds and dvds and its not reading any of them or showing them in My Computer.


    Can anyone tell me what the problem might be?

  • Does the drive appear in My Computer?
  • Yes it appears in the list of drives but when a disk is in it doesnt indicate size used or left as it does with the other drives and doesnt identify the files that are on the disk
  • Run the Dell Diagnostics on the drives.  The Diagnostics should be on
    your hard drive.  Press F12 at startup while the blue Dell is on the
    screen.  This will take you to the boot menu where the Utility Partition
    or Diagnostics will be a choice.  Run the Custom Test for the drives
    and have a data CD (not music CD) ready for the read test.
  • Ran the diagnostic and came up with this


    Drive 2: Philips DVD+/-RW DVD8801 - Diagnostic not supported

  • In the Device Manager, right-click the drive and select Uninstall.
    Then restart the system to allow Windows to reinstall it.

    The drive may have failed.  The Diagnostics would confirm that one
    way or the other.  Another way to run the Diagnostics is to boot
    the system with the Dell Resources disc, however, that will likely
    not work in this case. 

  • I uninstalled the dvd drive and restarted the computer. There was no change, not recognising any disks
  • I have a dell demension 1100 with the cdrw/dvd combo drive. When I originally purchased this machine 2 years ago, It would read and play dvd's using Dvd launcher. Just 2 months ago, My cpu crashed, so I had to get someone to restore my system. upon recieving my machine back, I noticed that my Dvd Player software was no longer on my system. So I thought nothing of it. ( since I already have a Home DVD Player) Anyways,

    Just yesterday, I attempted To install a new program on my CPU. For some strange Reason, It will not read the disk (which is in DVD Format). I didn't realize what was going on until I noticed my Cd/dvd displaying a CD rom extension in my cdrw/dvd gcc4482 disk drive properties. I am totally out of ideas to solve this issue. Do anyone have any suggestions?


    I'm all ears.

  • i have the dell demension 1100  too and my toshiba samsung CD-RW/DVD-ROM TS H492 worked fine to about a year ago it would only play DvDs so i got a new drive was just a CD-RW player to play my mp3s on but few days ago i was going to reinstall windows in my pc and would not read any of the date disc i did the F12 boot thing and all it does is goes to windows and starts up so my dvd or my cd-rw will not work for the disc i got with my PC and i did the Bios thing  too so if anyone can help plz do maybe it is SP 2 from windows thats doing it all it was about that time i add sp2 that it stoped working

  • I, too, have had many problems with this Toshiba TS-H492 drive.  My son reports that this drive has many problems in reading CDs, both data and music.  Typically you put the CD in, but Windows Explorer doesn't see any content, as well as any other software app (Windows Media Player, iTunes, etc.)   We don't use DVDs in it much, so I can't comment on that aspect, but its recognizing and reading/playing CDs is a real crapshoot.  I'm pretty sure this is our 2nd drive on our system, the 1st one doing this and Dell having sent us a refurbished replacement unit.

    I'm going to ask Dell to replace it yet again, but for ~$30 you can buy other similar drives that are probably much more reliable and faster now that these Toshibas are so old.  I'm tempted to just go ahead and buy a newer/better drive on my own rather than keep suffering with this Toshiba unit.

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