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DVD player will not autoplay or play at all.

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DVD player will not autoplay or play at all.

  • Hello. A few months ago I purchased an Inspiron 530 Desktop with Windows XP Home Edition which has a DVD/CD-RW drive in D:. When I first purchased computer, I played one DVD in it to see if it was working and it was. Now it is not. I can play CD's all day with no problems at all.


    Currently there is ROXIO Easy Media Creator 9 on this computer. I was trying to burn a DVD using Roxio Creator and that is when I found I wasn't getting any response at all from the DVD player.


    First I started with the DELL troubleshooter page and went thru all the steps, DVD will not AUTORUN when DVD inserted, Autoplay issues? "none where found", etc, etc.


    Next I went into the MS Windows XP DVD troubleshooter page. Went thru these following steps...

    "When I try to play a DVD, nothing happens."


    "I cannot play DVD manually and it is not an option in the PLAY menu in Windows Media 10."


    This leads me to believe that I need a decoder for my drive and/or a decoder for Cyberlink Corp. POWERDVD, which is what came on this computer and what I used to play the one DVD I first played


    When I click on CYBERLINK update in the troubleshooter I just get a message reading "Cannot display the page.



    What am I doing wrong? Need help.


    Thanks, Gary



  • Hi, Gary:


    Let's try the simplest thing first, which would be to install another decoder. Try VLC Media Player, link in my signature.

  • Hello osprey...I downloaded the VLC and followed the directions and nothing happened. DVD still not playing. Is there something I must do in regards to settings before a DVD will play with VLC?? I'm getting a bit frustrated. This is a brand new Dell. Only had it about 3 or 4 months. I've been in touch with Dell, and not having any luck with what they are telling me as well. Currently I have the Cyberlink Corp. Power DVD DX version 7.0 which came with the computer, and you would think the thing would play a DVD more than once, but that is all I got out of it...one play and dead. Dell is telling me to download a trial version 8 from Cyberlink but what happens after the trial? I have to buy it provided it works. Any thing else for me to try?


    My original post was moved and I don't know where it is. Can you tell me where to look for it? I've been trying , but not having any luck. Right now I'm just following the link that was provided.




  • Ok, let's back up a bit. Please work through these standard troubleshooting steps, including the diagnostics.


    To find your posts, just click your name, then "Find more posts by...".

  • osprey4..thanks for your help, I do appreciate it. I'm working with a Dell tech on this as well and so far I was asked to go to the Cyberlink web site and download the trial version 8. According to them I should be able to get the codecs once it's downloaded. Right now I am at about 45MB of 127MB so it looks like it will be downloading all day. Yes, I have dial up at 28.8... with a 56K modem no less...no other choices. If it doesn't work this way, I will be sure to check on what you posted. I'm home for lunch now, and I bet ya it will still be downloading when I get home at 5:30.





  • Sorry to hear about that. Do you have a local library close by, or can you download this at work?
  • Ya know, I haven't given that much thought, but I wonder if my wife could do it at her job. I'll have to ask her to try for me. Where I work that would be a big NO. I'm a parts counter person for a John Deere dealer that caters to the farmers here...I live in farm country and even though they have computers, they keep a tight reign on what is going on with the computers. 


    I came home and was at 93MB out of 127MB and when I went to check my e-mail the download shut off. I thought it was done, but NOOOOOOOOO. I have to start all over again...something was corrupt. I'll have to start it before I go to sleep. It took 10 hours to run 93MB. Dern. 


    In any case I'lldo what you posted earlier and see what happens.



  • osprey4...thanks for your help on my issue. It turned out to be a bad DVD player and still being under warrantee, I just had it replaced today. What is this add tag thing?





  • Good to hear.


    Any use can add tags to a thread. It's one way to search messages.

  • osprey4...I just added a new post. Can you check it out and give me some info please?




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