Dell Dimension E310 Does Not Recognize DVD+/-RW Drive

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Dell Dimension E310 Does Not Recognize DVD+/-RW Drive

  • Dell Dimension E310

    Windows XP Home

    DVD    HL-DT-St   DVD+-RW   GWA4164B



    Please note, that I am SLIGHTLY computer savy.


    In "My Computer" is shows both drives.   It WILL play DVDs and CDS from Windows Media Player, etc.

    However, it will not "burn" discs from Windows Media Player, or Roxio.   It says "please insert rewriteable disc.....etc."

    I am using Dynex and Ativa brands (both of which were working fine).

    I had the exact same problem back in February.  After an hour, a  Dell technician determined that it was my anti-virus program (Trend Penicillin) that was causing the problem.  We removed it (after many clicks) and installed AVG.  Voila!  Problem solved.


    I believe the problem started again after I installed "Itunes."  I tried removing this program, but the problem remains.


    After reading a "Forum" entry, I went into "Device Manager" and uninstalled the CD-Rom, and then the IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers.


    My system still will not record.  It does not recogniz that a disc has been inserted.


    Please help in layman terms (smiles).



  • I just fixed mine. i was on here looking for help, and managed to fix it. I went into Device manager. I found the DVD/CD Drives and saw a red X over the dvd/cd, I doubled clicked and found that my drive had been disabled. I then enabled it.


    Luckly, for me it worked out easy this time. I have, once before had to go it the registry and do many clicks.


    Actually, I first came to this site looking for my drivers,for my E310, which it seems to be nearly impossible to find the right ones. I am wondering why the computer could just not have come with an install CD,  but they would rather have me talk to service techs on the phone for hours on end, who seem to always find some reason not to be able to help me.


    I have now been transferred 6 times, just to find the right drivers,  which could have been sent on a $.50 Cd with the computer. I could have taken care of this  hours ago.

  • NYCDurl:


    Sometimes deleting the upper and lower filters will enable burning again. Follow the article in the CD/DVD FAQ under "code 39 error".

  • Thank you for your reply.


    I followed the proceedure for "Error 39" but it still does not recognize that there IS a disc inserted in the drive.


    Oddly enough, I CAN  "rip" music from the drive (I just did it) but it will not "burn."


    Do you have any other suggestions?

  • Since it used to work, and you are still able to read CDs, I don't think the drive is defective. However, I don't have much confidence in Dynex or Ativa.

    You could try this firmware update.
  • Thanks again but..........I did the firmware updates, reinstalled Roxio, added the Roxio update but it STILL does not recognize that a disc has been inserted.




    Any other suggestions?



    By the way, regarding the removed "filters" what do they do and can they be reinstalled, if needed, in the future?



  • Time to try some different media, I think.
  • Disc drive not working. cd drive will not read. dvd will not read. drive will not recognize disc.

    Here's the fix. Check the device manager to make sure your disc drives are still emabled. If they

    are not you will see an X  by them in the list or a yellow circle with an ! next to it. 

    follow these instructions.

    • To open Device Manager, click Start, click Control Panel, click Performance and Maintenance, and then click System. In the System Properties dialog box, click the Hardware tab, and then click Device Manager.

    Uninstall and then reinstall your device.

    To resolve the problem that is causing Device Manager to show an error code for your device, try uninstalling and then reinstalling the device.

    To uninstall your device

    1. Open Device Manager.
    2. If the category for your device is not expanded, double-click the category.
    3. Under the category for your device, right-click the device that you want to uninstall, and then click Uninstall.
    4. In the Confirm Device Removal dialog box, click OK.
      • To open Device Manager, click Start, click Control Panel, click Performance and Maintenance, and then click System. In the System Properties dialog box, click the Hardware tab, and then click Device Manager.

    Once you have removed your device, use the Add Hardware Wizard to reinstall it.

    To reinstall your device

    1. Close any open programs.
    2. Start the Add Hardware Wizard.
    3. Click Next, and wait for Windows to search for Plug and Play devices. Most new devices are Plug and Play, so you rarely need to go beyond this step.
    4. If no Plug and Play devices are found, a list of devices appears. Click Add a new hardware device, and then click Next.
    5. Click Install the hardware that I manually select from a list, and then click Next.
    6. In the Common hardware types list, click the appropriate device category, and then click Next.
    7. In the Manufacturers list, click the manufacturer of your device; in the Models list, click the model name.

      Or, click Have Disk if you have an updated or manufacturer-supplied driver to install for your device.
    8. Click Next, and then follow the wizard's instructions to complete the installation.


      • To open the Add Hardware Wizard, click Start, click Control Panel, and then click Printers and Other Hardware. Under See Also, click Add Hardware.

    Does uninstalling and reinstalling your device solve the problem?