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Computer continues to freeze even in safe mode.

  • Okay, im running windows vista home premium on Dimension E520 and the computer starts up in normal mode, but the screen stays black only showing a few of my programs...and in safe mode, it completely starts up, but once i try to open or close ANYTHING it freezes...the only part that does not freeze is the mouse. I tried starting it from last known good configuration, but it did not help and i ran diagnostics on the hard drive, it did not help either. If you have any ideas as to the problem, please tell.
  • Hi Enahs10,


    I would suggest running diagnostics on the memory or use process of elimination by removing a stick and testing with minimal memory.


    If you failure is consistent then you should start eliminating unneeded hardware for booting the system.

  • I would suggest that you also check "Windows Vista forums."  If you select the 8th address down "PC" Advisor you'll pull up a list of FAQ's.  Note the one authored by 4hal "Locked in Safe Mode."  It worked for me, but may not for you.  But take a look and good luck.