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Hard Drive Screws for a Inspiron 530s

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Hard Drive Screws for a Inspiron 530s

  • I just setup my new Inspiron 530s and would like to add another hard drive. On the 530s the drives can be moved up or down to the 2 available bays via a slot in the mounting bracket. The hard drives have screws (they look like thumb screws) in the sides of the drive. These screws act as guides when you move the drive up or down in the slot on the bracket. The screws in question are round and smooth on the edge and I need them to add another drive. I've looked around a bit and haven't found the screws available anywhere. I am sure I could cobble something up that would work but I'd prefer not too. Can someone help me obtain the needed drive guide/thumb screws I've described above?
  • Hi Jcwolff,


    I believe those are the same screws that were used in some of the older clamshell chassis's for use in the green rails. 


    If one of your friends happens to have one of those systems Dell used to ship extra set of rails inside that has the screws you're looking for on it.


    I don't have a part number for ya, sorry.

  • jcwolff

    To install a second hard drive, you need 'Dell Hard Drive Shoulder Mounting Screws', [part # WN322] that are used to install both HHD and optical drives, in the 530s Slim Tower.

    They cost $1.99± ea plus S&H from Dell Spare Parts, here

    Hard drives requires four shoulder screws, optical drives, two.


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  • Same question but for a UK home user (the link appears to be for a US company). TIA J

  • jaymeetee

    Same question but for a UK home user (the link appears to be for a US company). TIA J


    Hi jaymeetee, In the UK, you can get them from HERE. ITS were i got mine for my spare drive.


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  • Robin, many thanks for your quick response. I have some standard HD screws but when I tried they wouldn't fit in to the HD mount. I was hoping to find some like this which are the screws on the HD which came with the 530s. Presumably though - since you too have a 530s, your screws did fit? Perhaps they're smaller than standard? Thanks again for the help! J

  • I know I'm resurrecting an old thread here, but I figured that I'd searched quite a bit before coming up with a solution, so perhaps I can help others out doing the same.

    I was also needing the special screws from Dell to add a hard drive to a 530S. After reading this thread, following the links and Googling, I decided to go to Home Depot to see what they had. Short of it, they had what I needed and they work perfectly. In fact, they're slightly snugger than the original screws from Dell on the original hard drive, making it a nicer fit.

    So, here's what you're looking for:

    Socket Cap Screws

    #6-32 x 1/4"

    Stainless Steel

    CB# 70748

    UPC: 030699707485

    Packaged & Distributed by Crown Bolt, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

    They come in packs of two, and here in AZ I paid 65¢ + tax. That's 4 screws for less than the price of one from Dell, per the pots above.

    Hope this helps someone down the line.


    P.S. Feel free to drop me a note, <ADMIN NOTE:Email id removed per privacy policy> to say thank you. I'll get a nice warm fuzzy feeling from having helped another out, and you'll have saved time and money ripping your hair out trying to find these screws!  :-)

  • The screws for the ones  in the laptops are metric.

    The ones for desktops aren't. I have so many of these little screws that I've lost count. Never had to buy them.

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  • You're lucky, then. I've had many Dells (and other) computers over the years, and I have probably close to 200 screws from the days when I did computer repair for a living. All of the ones for the hard drives in desktops are the same except for these, with the special thick head that's used as a cam in the slot to slide the drive into position and snap into place by the levers. Standard hard drive screws did not work.

    Thanks for the note.