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Inspiron 510M Drivers

  • Hi to all Dell Owners. I have just purchased a new hard Drive for my Inspiron 510M after 3 years.

    I have the windows XP Disc to install but I am not sure exactly what I need to do .

    When I install the XP  system to my notebook hard drive do I have to install drivers as well from the Dell website and if so How do I do this. Will I be able to log on to the website after the Xp is installed or do I have to save the downloads to a disc or removable hard drive . i a have never done this before , is it really simple ? I would appreciate some advice.

  • You need at least the Dell notebook system software, the chipset driver and the driver for whatever you use to connect to the Internet - wired, wireless or modem.  Install those in that order and you can then install the other (audio, video, etc.) drivers.  Or, back up the c:\dell directory to a CD or flash drive - the drivers are in there.


  • Many Thanks

     But at what stage do I install drivers after the XP disc is loaded ?, will I be prompted to do so on a menu? I  have a folder of Dell drivers in my C/ drive , 5 actually with just number and letter titles , Do I just add  or install in any order or which comes first. Thanks. Mark

  • You need to install the notebook system software and chipset driver first, immediately after installing Windows.  After that you can install the other drivers in any order.


  • Ok But Where do I find the notebook system software and chipset driver? I cant find it in my files and folders
  • Notebook system software:



    Chipset driver: