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Is it possible to reformat hard drive without recovery cds?

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Is it possible to reformat hard drive without recovery cds?

  • I have a Dell dimension DIm 2400 with windows XP home edition.


    When you reboot, is there an "F" you can hit and be taken to a screen that will allow you to reformat your hard drive?




  • F2 and F12 are there at boot time, also CTRL+F11 as described here:


    How do I use the CTRL+F11 restore to factory?


    What exactly are you trying to do, reformat, reload, reinstall, reset to factory, fresh install?


  • mysticlady59

    Dell's PC Restore by Symantec utility was install in either Dimension or Inspiron systems, with factory installed XP, that were shipped after 7.16.04.

    For models shipped prior to that date, you need to carry out clean reinstall of XP.


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  • Dell dimension 2400 desktop PC


    I have tried to repair my .net Framework with no success. When I try to uninstall, it does not complete. It says it cannot find the installation source.

    If I try to install, I get error message that there was a problem incurred and it sends an error report then does not complete setup.


    So I figured if I reformat and start all over again that Frame work get reloaded with errors.


    This whole problem started because I downloaded Windows Live One Care.  After installation, you cannot open One Care to run tune-ups or defrag or backup.




  • Call OneCare Live @ 1-866-663-2273, they can walk you thru the repair w/o a reformat & system re-install. The exact  same thing happened to my daughters computer & believe it or not MS helped to fix it!!!:smileysurprised:
  • Run the .net remover utility from here .net removal tool . Please visit the following link for further details.





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  • Thanks so much for your help.


    Your removal is the best!