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Integrated RAID Exception detected

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Integrated RAID Exception detected

  • Hi,

    I am getting the following error message during boot time on my DELL Precision 690.


    Integrated RAID exception detected:
    Volume (00:130) is currently in state INACTIVE/OPTIMAL
    Enter the LSI Corp Configuration Utility to investigate!
    Press Ctrl-C to start LSI Corp Configuration Utility.


    I can activate the array in the configuration utility and it seems to work fine and during the following reboot, no error message is displayed, but I cannot access the drive from my existing Server 2008 Installation.

    Checking the diskmgmt.msc does not show the drive at all.

    After rebooting once more, I end up again with the message above.


    Anyone encountered the same?

    Help is appreciated.




  • Run the Dell diagnostics on the hard drives, you may have a failing disk.
  • Diagnosis from DELL returned no single error on any one the drives.

    Drives looks good according to the Diagnostics (after letting all tests run 3 times)


    Any other ideas?

  • 1. Replace the Sata data cable to that drive.


    2. Update the adapter firmware if it is available, by the way what raid adapter do you have? I assume it is the SAS 5/ir integrated

    Firmware here

    <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>


    3. Here is the SAS 5/ir manual



    What OS is on the P690?  there is a SAS storage manager software to help with diagnosis, but it is not available for Server 2008, only Vista or XP
     Select your OS then look under "systems management" for the software
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