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(brand-new) hard disk drive 0 not found (Latitude D600)

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(brand-new) hard disk drive 0 not found (Latitude D600)



    I know this has been discussed a lot but I haven't found a solution.

    My laptop is a Dell Latitude D600, BIOS Version: A16

    My HDD died last week, it was making weird noises so I did some backups.

    Sure enough one morning I turned it on and it said "...hard disk drive 0 not found..."

    So I thought right let's buy a new one, no big deal. This happens.

    But to my horror, the brand-spanking-new HDD did the exact same thing to me!

    Fresh from the anti-static package, straight into the cradle, with tender love.

    "Primary hard disk drive 0 not found

    No bootable devices--strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for setup utility"

    Also, BIOS reads my "Primary Hard Drive:" as "None"

    I've tried:-

    - reseating (re-fixing to cradle, screw re-tightening, etc.)

    - resetting BIOS (pressing ALT-F)

    - isolation "Internal HDD" in the "Boot Order" (BIOS)

    - booting WinXP CD to format (also tells me it can't detect a HDD)

    - toyed and tweaked every BIOS setting possible

    - ran diagnostics (yep, tells me it can't find a HDD)

    - check temperature (not an issue at all)

    I bought my D600 second-hand without any boot disks or manuals, and the private warranty is already up.

    I'm going to try taking out the battery for a day to see if that will "flash BIOS" but I'm not sure that will help as (to my knowledge) the motherboard settings are kept stored with help from a small battery attached the actual motherboard which would be inside the casing, so I think that's a misunderstanding in another forum post, but I will try it out of desperation anyway. Next step would be to open up the casing and checking the IDE and removing the motherboard battery for 5-10 minutes.

    After that, my only option will be to send it off to some local PC repair business. Ick.

    Any help will be EXTREMELY appreciated! Thank you.

  • I don't know the details of what kind of HDD the D600 will take, but there are two kinds of HDD's, PATA (the old IDE/EIDE) and the new SATA type.  The two hard drive types are not interchangeable.  See if there is a difference between the two HDD's in terms of interface.  If there is none and the laptop still will not see the HDD, there may be a problem with the motherboard of the laptop.

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  • Did you remove the blade adapter from the back of the original drive, and place it over the pins on the new drive?


  • Wow, crikey!  I can't believe how stupid I am!

    I threw the adapter out along with my busted HDD, phew! Luckily I realised this as it was only days away from going off to the PC recyclers. Chucked it on and now everything works wonderfully. I read about this in other posts but for some reason didn't even thought it applied to mine, just because I didn't notice it before.

    Thanks a million!

  • Great advice!  I spent days with the same problem.  That was it, I had thrown away the blade adapter with the old drive.  Luckily the trash had not been picked up.  Thank you for the help!!!