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Message reads, You do not have access to folder E:\ (CD drive) see your administrator for access

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Message reads, You do not have access to folder E:\ (CD drive) see your administrator for access

  • Hi there, I am not very computer literate so can someone please help. I have a dell 4600 and have encountered the above message when I try to burn a file to my CD drive. I am the administrator but can't access my CD drive. I had previously had problems formatting cd-rw discs, when I tried I got the following message (FORMAT FAILED DUE TO MEDIA DAMAGE). I have checked and my computer had software sonic dla 4.5 ( it came with the computer), I thought this was the problem and found an update sonic dla 4.95, I swapped this over but still got the same message, format failed due to media damage. Trouble is I had previously been able to format cd-rw's with the sonic dla 4.5 software. Roxio couldn't seam to help me, and now I can't even access the CD drive, can anyone pppppplease help, I am going nuts!. Thanks Coco.
    PS. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place.
  • Hi, Coco:


    Try uninstalling DLA completely, then reinstall it and update to the new version.


    Have you changed brands of discs recently?

  • Hi Osprey, Thanks for the prompt reply, I am still using the same box of discs (don't use many)that I previously had no problem using and regards your suggestion about sonic, I came installed with the computer but I wasn't supplied with a software disc. I wouldn't even mind purchasing some other software but I am unsure exactly where my problem lies, could it even be the burner?. Regards, Coco 


    Latest update, tried to copy a file onto a CD/r disc (not a rw this time), it held the file in the computers memory but a pop up informed me same message I couldn't have access to e:\ CD drive (see my administrator for access. I got feed up switched computer off, logged in a couple of hours later, got a small icon at the bottom of the screen asking if I wanted to burn the file to disc, said yes this time it worked!. But when I load a CD/rw the screen says same old no access to folder E: message. This is weird. Regards again Coco        

  • Coco:

    Let me suggest you read this short article to learn about DLA. As far as I'm concerned, the problems far outweigh the convenience. My suggestion would be to permanently delete the program.

    You can use the XP burning wizard as an alternative. It's not quite as convenient, but the discs are more compatible and you won't have all these strange problems. You can write files to the disc one or a few at a time, and still write more files to the disc later.

    You also probbly have Sonic Recordnow or Roxio Media Creator, or a similar program, on your computer for writing to other types of discs.
  • Hi Osprey, Thanks for the info, I was unaware of the XP burning wizard, I have used this format to burn my files, the only draw back is they come out as read only but at least I can then dump them to hard drive later and then recopy onto Cd/rw discs. I had hoped that sonic would be fixable but who knows. The strange thing is that xp burning wizard is licensed by roxio and works but sonic dla roxio also doesn't. Why roxio can't sort my problem seams to me very strange (they have given me three so called solutions, none worked). Anyway many thanks. Regards. Coco
  • Yes, all files on any CD, regardless of the method used, are read-only. DLA cannot delete files on the disc, but it can ignore them. A simple workaround is to use a version number in the file name.


    Let me suggest some strategies for keeping your files.


    If you are simply looking for a way to make your files portable, then a flash drive is a much faster and more convenient solution than a CD. A $10 flash drive can hold far more files than a CD.


    If you need a way to archive files permanently, then CD-R or DVD±R media is preferred over any RW media (better long term stability).