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HDD error - Start DST short test FAILED

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HDD error - Start DST short test FAILED

  • hello!

    I've got a problem with my Inspiron 8600 (Model no PP02X) that started 2 days ago....hard disc seems to be faulty

    it started with the PC freezing, well, I just rebooted and after logging on the deskop screen came and then it all froze again....and again...and again...


    (discovered an old topic about the very same problem here: http://delltalk.us.dell.com/supportforums/board/message?board.id=insp_harddrive&message.id=45306 )


    I ran the F12 diagnostics it says:

    -start dst short test-
    test results:fail
    error code :1000-0146
    msg :unit 0 : dst log contains previous error(s)

    and when running an intensive check with the diagnostics CD the READ TEST and the VERIFY TEST seem to fail (error code 0F00:1344 and 0F00:1A44)

    that said it's not the original HDD anymore, I replaced it with a bigger one about one and a half year ago.... AND I have an external 2,5" case, and when I connect it with the HDD to my other PC it seems doing fine, can access it without any problems...so can't quite see that the HDD is "destroyed"


    plz help

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  • What has happened is that bad sectors have developed.  On those sectors, assuming Windows won't load, are critical system files that can no longer be read - fortunately your data is not on the sectors that have gone bad.


    Back up  your data and replace the drive - if it's that new, it should be under warranty from the drive manufacturer.  Contact them for a replacement.


  • alright -thanks for the quick reply!


    it's a Samsung 120 GB HDD.... unfortunately I can't find the receipt at the moment, so I don't know when I actually buyed it, but I discovered that a date was printed on the HDD (2006.08) so I assume it was manufactured in August 2006 which makes it just about the 1 and 1/2 year old.



    nevertheless I'm trying to get it working again somehow ...


    btw I'm wondering how bad sectors can develop... has it something to do with treatment, or due to a production mistake...?

    can they be repared somehow? e.g. formatting HDD or something else?

  • Bad sectors can appear as a result of a manufacturing defect or a bump or jar of the drive - no way to tell.  A drive that has developed bad sectors should be replaced - yes, you can format the drive (full format) which will lock out the bad sectors, but more will eventually appear and you'll lose more data.


    Contact Samsung - they will probably replace the drive based on the date of manufacture.  


  • ok, I see - so these locked out sectors can affect non-locked out, good sectors in their neighborhood until these good sectors become damaged as well.


    thanks again for your help!

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  • That, or if the damage was caused by a physical gouge in the media, the particles kicked up into the drive atmosphere can crash down and propagate the damage - the fly height of the heads is now very, very small and it doesn't take much contamination to cause a crash of the heads with the media.


  • Hey guys I have the exact same diagnostic error except my error code is 2000-0046, can I assume that its because of bad sectors also? I have an inspiron 1720 on a seagate 160gb hd. thanks!
  • Yes. Call Dell with the error and they'll replace the drive.  Ask for a pre-imaged drive and you'll save yourself hours of reloading, patching and reconfiguring Windows.


  • thanks ejn you've been of great help, just a quick note I can still recover the data from my hdd right? since the hdd mechanisms are still working and my files are not on the bad sectors this would require an enclosure am i correct?
  • Yes, you can try and as long as the drive is still recognized, the odds are decent.  I would suggest ordering a case AND a spare drive to use in making backups going forward.


  • ok, will contact Samsung next week...


    However, before I send in my old HDD I'd like to copy the data.... I've already transferred my files, screensavers & fonts and so on to another HDD - so far so good. But one thing that's still missing are the EMAILS. Emails which are in Outlook Express plus the different accounts I'm using (well, I still know the settings, but I'd like to just import the account to my new installation)...


    IS THERE ANY CHANCE of getting these MAILS (at least, and to go further also the accounts) WITHOUT starting the system with this very HDD (which is currently not working)... where are these mails stored? or di I have to try to get windows working again to access Outlook & the mails?