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TSSTcorp CDRWDVD TSL462D ATA Device Issues

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TSSTcorp CDRWDVD TSL462D ATA Device Issues

  • I have a new issue with my CDRWDVD drive. I have an Inspiron 9400/E1705 laptop. I burned a data cd from my work computer with about ten mp3's i wanted to transfer to my laptop. When I insert the disc it says it wants to format it and then it says it is write protected. I cannot open it and look at the files or try to explore the cd. It just keeps telling me it wants to format it for use. I put the disk into my wifes HP laptop an it read it just fine. As soon as i put it in it asked me if i wanted to open and view the files. Yep they were all there. I have had numerous problems with this drive. Yesterday it would not allow Itunes or Windows Media Player to burn an audio cd, out of nowhere. I had burned cd's numerous times before. That was fixed with a driver download. Does anybody have an answer for my current problem though? Why wont it read my cd? Any suggestions. I feel like this thing is slowly falling apart.
  • Do you have DLA on your system?  If yes, disable it or remove it,

    then try again to see it that is causing the problem.

  • What is DLA? How do i find out if I have it and how do I disable it?
  • DLA is packet writing software that comes with Roxio and Sonic. 


    Disable Sonic DLA:


    - Click the Start button
    - Double-click on the My Computer icon
    - In the My Computer window, right-click on the CD device then choose Properties
    - On the CD Drive Properties screen, click on the DLA tab, then remove the
      checkmark from Enable DLA on your drives
    - Click the OK button, then restart computer


  • There is no DLA tab or anything marked DLA when I look at the drives properties. I am using Windows Vista 32 bit, does that make a difference?
  • Vista, I am new at Vista.  The Vista built-in burning software is active.
    what is happening, I think, is the AutoPlay may be set up that way.  Check
    the setup of AutoPlay under Default Programs.


    Other than the Vista burning software, what burning software is installed

    on your system?

  • Only burning sofware by what i can tell is itunes, window media player, and dell media direct which i have never used. I have my options on everything set to "Ask Me Everytime." Thanks for all your help. Let me know what you think. I have put in every other type of media from cd to dvd and it works. It just wont read a data disc.