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Help! Insprion 1525 can't find CD/DVD drive

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Help! Insprion 1525 can't find CD/DVD drive

  • My new Inspiron 1525 running Vista Home Pro can no longer find the CD/DVD drive. I have tried reinstalling the driver, but it doesn't recognize the device to install it on!


    I installed a DVB-T TV antenna just before the problem happened. Up to now the drive has worked perfectly.


    Any ideas? I am in Germany and support here only goes until 6pm and U.S. support won't help me!




  • Look in the Device Manager .............

    Click on the (+) next to DVD/CD-ROM drives.  Right-click the drive and select
    Properties.  Is there an Error Code (number)?

  • Code 39


    Here is the text from the Properties window: Der Gerätetreiber für diese Hardware kann nicht geladen werden. Der Treiber ist möglicherweise beschädigt oder nicht vorhanden. (Code 39)


    It says "The driver for this hardware cannot be loaded. Possibly the driver is damaged or doesn't exist."


    I have downloaded the driver from the dell website and tried to load it, but it comes up with the error that it can't find the device.


    The DVB-T stick I tried to install (with drivers) is from Freecom. From their website I have discovered that their drivers have killed other people's CD/DVD drives too - other brands of laptops. So I guess my question now is, how do I get the computer to recognize the drive again? I ran the diagnostics but it came back with no errors...


    argh! thanks for any help!!

  • This Microsoft Article should resolve the issue ..........


  • THANK YOU!!! :smileyvery-happy:


    Worked like a dream and was super easy. Thank you thank you thank you!

  • Glad to hear that.  Best regards.