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Computer not recognising DVD-RW

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Computer not recognising DVD-RW

  • Hello


    Having read quite a few of the questions being asked I can see that this is a problem quite a few people are getting, but can't see any with the same model as mine. 


    I am experiencing a problem. I have a HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC-44 808 Drive, in a Dimension 4600 computer. About 4 years old I think.


    I have up until a few weeks ago been able to copy music, pics etc to a disc. Now when I place a disc into my drive it is either telling me that there is not a disk in the drive or that it is full up, which is incorrect as it is blank.


    I have tried some discs that I have used before, they will work if there are things on them but I cannot add anymore, as it is then saying that the disc is full, when I know it isn't.


    I brought a Sony handi cam with the small discs, I can play them on the computer and can save them, but I am unable to copy them onto a new disc. for the above reasons.


    I brought discs recommended by the handi cam. Philips DVD-RW, my driver just can't read them and I get the message to please insert a disc. 


    I have tried the  DVD identifier and I have tried 2 of the troubleshooting tips on the Dell suport page. Deleting the driver and getting my computer to reinstall it, also the one that you find red crosses in your device manager. That did'nt work.



    [11:00:00] DVD Identifier V5.0.1
    [11:00:00] Initializing Drive Interface [Auto-Select ASPI/SPTI]
    [11:00:00] SPTI Drive Interface Successfully Initialized
    [11:00:00] No Supported Drives Found (Out Of 1 Available Drive)
    [11:00:00] Disc Identification Requires A DVD, HD DVD or Blu-ray Writer
    [11:00:00] Manufacturer Database [08-OCT-06@727$93] Loaded From File : (@727$93) Entries Found
    [11:00:01] This Version Of 'DVD Identifier' Is Up-To-Date
    [11:00:01] The Manufacturer Database Is Up-To-Dat


    But I still can't get my computer to read any new discs. I am about to buy a new DVD driver as I do think it has broken, not being a teckie, what sort should I buy, there are loads out there with varying prices.


    I have been scanning ebay and other places. What should I be looking for, I would be grateful of any help.



  • Hi, Duffs:

    I see a model GCC-4480B. Is that yours? If so, this is a CD-RW/DVD-ROM, combo drive, not a DVD burner. Unfortunately, DVD Identifier is only for DVD burners, so it's not going to be of much use to you. Likewise, you're not going to be able to copy DVD discs from a Sony Handycam. If you'd like to add a DVD burner, I can probably recommend something.

    It's not clear to me whether you are also having problems burning CDs. Please let me know if you are.
  • Hi Osprey


    I have just tried and I cannot burn anything, I even tried some discs that I have used in the past and they do not work either .


    Yes please help  it looks like it is dead!




    PS I am in the UK 

  • Duffs:

    I'm reading your first post and you mention trying to burn DVD-RW discs. Your drive cannot do that. Just want to make sure you're clear on that.

    Tell me about the CD media you have, brand, format and speed, and the program you are using to burn discs.
  • Hi Osprey

    Sorry about delay in reply, but been busy at work with no time to play! 


    I have Roxio 5 basic, Real player and the microsoft media one. I am not sure about the speeds etc.


    And no I didn't realise that I couldnt burn DVD's I just supposed that as I can watch them  through my PC  I could record on them.




  • If you could possibly clarify exactly exactly what type of disc you're trying to burn, the media your using (brand and speed), and the program you're using, then we'll go from there.
  • Morning Osprey


    The dscs are:

    Philips: DVD-RW, speed 1-2x 4.7GB

    Tesco:CD-R, speed 1x16x 700mb universal compatibility

    Imation: CD-R speed 1x-52x 700mb

    Logik: DVD+R 8x speed/4.7gb Data/ 120mins video


    On the CD-R ones I have been able to use and can read them if they have info already stored on them, but if I want to use blank ones, it tells me that they is no disc or that they are full up.


    The DVD-R and DVD+R ones say there is no disc in the drive. 


    Is that enough info? I am never sure what disc to buy for what I want to do and I sometimes end up with the wrong ones.


    The discs from my Handi cam are:

    TDK DVD-RW 1-2x1.4GB, they play but I cannot record back onto them. 


     Happy Easter!



  • Your drive cannot see or write to recordable DVDs. So those Philips and Logik discs cannot be used with your drive.


    So let me recommend this MS article for troubleshooting the ability of your drive to write to CD-R discs.

  • Hello Osprey


    Thanks for your help I am going to study that link now.