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ATA hard drive in Latitude D810 (x300) will SATA work in it too??

  • I have heard people have SATA drives in the same laptop...  does the 810 with the x300 video have dual hard drive connectors in the hard drive compartment or is some special converter required to make it work.


    the reason I am asking about SATA is that I would like to put in a much larger drive and haven't seen many ATA above 120gb where as I have seen SATA at much higher capacities....


    Also, how high a capacity will the Latitude D810 (with the x300 board) support?


  • I should also note I am running the latest BIOS if that makes a difference...   most info I've found on the drives and capacities have been on older systems with the older BIOS versions as well.

  • No.  The system will take only parallel ATA drives.

  • That is what I thought, I just find it strange that some with the D810 say they can put a SATA in it...   I wonder if that is just B. S.  or if there is some sort of converter that can be used to allow for it.

  • No one makes a converter, and even if they tried, there's no space for one.

    The D820 uses a SATA drive as the primary - the D810 is PATA.