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CD/DVD drive keeps ejecting/doesn't read DVDs

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CD/DVD drive keeps ejecting/doesn't read DVDs

  • Hey all, seeking some help on behalf of my cousin,

    My cousins dell inspiron 1501 laptop (Windows XP) which has an internal 8x dvd+/-RW model :tsst corp ts-l632h has been playing up the past few days after we tried to burn a few dvds. This is the first time we've tried burning + installed Roxio that came with the laptop.

    Anyway the first problem that arose after burning a few data DVDs was that the dvd/cd drive kept ejecting over and over again. Sometimes even without a CD/DVD in it! We uninstalled Roxio, did a virus scan and everything seemd to be OK. Checked the device manager/properties and it shows the model number, none of that Code error/or Windows not recognising the driver.

    Retried playing some dvds and it seemed to play (both -/+ burnt dvds and orginal copies - though it can't read data DVDs) but for some dvds it doesn't read, and says please insert CD.

    Another issue is that now the DVD drive has changed to CD drive when viewing in My computer.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated
    Thanks in advance :)
  • The Data DVDs that the drive cannot read: were they created on the system, or
    were they created on a different computer?  How were they created?

    When the dribe shows in My Computer, does that happen all the time, or only
    when a blank disc is inserted?

  • The data DVDs were created on the same laptop using Roxio - the software came with the laptop. I know the dvds were burnt properly as they work in my DVD player.

    As to your second question - the drive shows up regardless of whether a CD/DVD is inserted - although it shows it as CD drive.  We've put in an original/burnt +/- dvds and the drive still shows as CD drive. Went into properties and it says autoplay music files. So changed that to autoplay dvds. It works on some DVDs and changes the drive from CD to DVD but more often than not it struggles to read the DVD and crashes the laptop.
  • While I just rechecked to see if anything had changed, and the laptop seems to play DVDs now both orginal and burnt but doesn't recognise blank dvds. A pop up comes up saying E:\ is not accessible. Incorrect function.
  • When you insert a blank DVD into the drive, Windows will not recognize it.
    A third-party software (Roxio, etc.) is required for a blank DVD disc. 

    If the third-party software does nort recognize a blank DVD, it could be the
    DVD.  What is the brand of DVD?