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CD RW drive does not recognize a blank disc

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CD RW drive does not recognize a blank disc

  • i have a Dimension 3100/E310, CD RW Sony CDRWDVD CRX310EE, when i try to burn photos and video footage and it always asks me to "insert a blank disc" when there is already one in the drive.  i can burn music and if i put in a disc that already has been burned or a original purchased cd or dvd it will read it.


    i was thinking of buying a new CD RW or DVD RW drive and installing it into my computer; however, i would prefer if there were another way to fix my problem.


    any ideas anyone, this is getting to be very frustrating!

  • Claristi,

    If you can burn any type of file to CD-R then the issue is not with the burner. What program are you using ?

  • Artizen

    i have tried using just the windows XP burning software (dropping files into the drive and copy files to disc), windows movie maker, sonic, cdburnerxp, and i think one more that i can't remember the name of at the moment

  • Hi Claristi,

    It is not my style to intervene when another Member starts working a thread, Artizen is addressing your issue and it is his to work as far as I am concerned. But I must ask because I have simply seen this too many times and please take no offence, the discs you are trying to copy the photos and videos on are CD-R or CD-RW, not DVD+/-R or DVD+/-RW discs, correct? Many Members have confused the Sony "Combo" drive with a DVD+/-RW and you would not be the first.
    I will slide back into stealth mode and leave you in Artizen hands, thanks.

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  • Hi Predator

    thanks for your concern but yes i have only been using CD-R discs
  • My apologies for the delay in getting back to you. Your next step in troubleshooting would be to

    A) Run System Restore back to a time when you know you could burn a data disk in Windows with no problems.

    If no change then :

    B) uninstall any CD burning softwares that are in the system. Also, I'd run the System File Checker by :

    Click Start
    Click Run

    Also, what brand disks are you using ? I highly recommend Verbatim though Maxell are also good.

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  • Hi Artizen


    i tried all that you suggested and nothing has worked.

     (as for the system restore comment below, i have never actually been able to burn a cd with photos or video, but i tried it anyways)


    i have tried using both maxell and fuji discs


    any other suggestions?