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D600 error code 1000-0142

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D600 error code 1000-0142

  • HELP! windows wont run...well it takes an hour to load, uses about 4 colours and hangs when I ask it to do anything!!

    Tried that DSI short status test and got a error code 1000-0142 with a message..unit4:drive test failed. status byte =89
    tried Run Dell PC Restore by Symantec to Restore Default Settings, pressed the ctrl and F11 when the dell splash screen appeared but nothing seemed to happen
    I have no disks as I thought all software was pre-loaded, my laptop is secondhand.
    please help,


  • You need a new hard drive to replace your faulty one;  any parallel ATA (aka EIDE, PATA, ATA-100 or lower), 2.5"-9.5 mm can be used.

    You can order an install CD below:

  • thanks for your help :) I've bought a new hard drive, the problem I have now is I cant get a copy of the install cd because I bought secondhand! dell require the original order number.

    Can I download what I need to replace a faulty hard disc from dell (install cd) ?

    and step by step instructions would help as well:smileyvery-happy:?

    I have a spare XP home OS i can use, the XP pro on the bad HD I spose is lost as was pre-installed!

    Thanks again!


  • Roger, I have purchased 6 different dell systems over the years, both Desktop and laptop all second hand.  this is what you need to do to get your replacement disks.


    first go here:

     this will allow you to transfer ownership of your new(almost) laptop.  once you get that done...
    NOW go here to request backup disks.  Dell only carries windows XP or newer.  if your used system originally came with 98, 2000, or ME, they cannot replace your disks.  BTW the disk replacement is a one time offer. per system per transfer.