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T3400 blue screen AHCI/IASTOR Kernel stack inpage error

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T3400 blue screen AHCI/IASTOR Kernel stack inpage error

  • First, I had a raid 0 and raid 1 with the two disks. However, the system was unstable, lot a degraded time for a fully new install of win xp. So i forget about raid and go back to sata without any raid. (i had degraded raid1 disk while the disk were empty of any data as i had justed installed win xp) However, with a AHCI configuration, i have a blue screen "kernel stack inpage error" per day. It seems that it comes from the disk management (I have 4GB ECC RAM and i set the swap to 0GB to only use the ram to solve the problem, but the problem still happen). I have installed the intel matrix storage management driver, and i have in log event of win xp also a lot of iastor errors. I looked in the txtsetup.oem of the driver, and i suppose i have to use this driver iaAHCI_ICH9R = "Intel(R) ICH9 SATA AHCIController (Desktop ICH9R)" does the default value [Defaults] scsi = iaStor_ICH8M could be the cause of the problem or windows pick up the right one iaAHCI_ICH9R??? Do you have any suggestion in order to remove this problem. I m actually running without AHCI and it seems that windows is now stable. However, i would prefer to use AHCI if it is possible
  • Enter the bios and change Sata "Operation" to Raid Autodetect/ATA, reinstall XP without F6 drivers, problems will be over.
  • Yes, i know that's what i've done finally. However, as i have two sataII raptor 10000rpm, a X38 chipset with a ICH9R southbridge, i would like to benefit from the performance of an AHCI. Laurent.
  • "i would like to benefit from the performance of an AHCI"
    No real performance increase on a Home PC by using AHCI, it would take benchmarking software to detect any performance increase.
    AHCI was designed for server environments, not home PC's market.
    2 benefits of AHCI on a Server
    Did you try the drivers from Intel for your chipset?

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  • Yes i tried the intel driver (iastor) from intel matrix storage manager. It is not a home machine but a scientific computing machine. I know that the gain in performance won't be terrible. However, my University spend 3000 € on this machine and i think it is not normal to have so much problem on a machine bought 3 weeks ago. Well, i will keep ATA mode as the difference is not so important.