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latitude d630 Windows XP can't write data disc

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latitude d630 Windows XP can't write data disc

  • Though I have no trouble uploading files onto my computer via CD or DVD, I am unable to write any files to a CD because none of the software is recognizing the drive/cd recorder. I tried using Roxio de 9.0 and it didn't recognize any of the drives. Then, I right-clicked on a file and went to "send to" but the DVD/CD combination drive didn't show up as a viable option, therefore making it impossible to write any files to the blank CD. Enabling drag-to-disc gave me the "recorder busy-try again later" message every time. I tried multiple blank CDs to ensure the media wasn't faulty. Is there some step I have to take to enable the cd recorder? Maybe it's a software issue? I tried the Roxio site's patch but that didn't help anything. The laptop was bought in December so it's fairly new.
  • ok, I suppose the first thing I should ask you to do is to go into device manager and post back with the name and model of your optical drive.

    additionally, go into my computer, right click your optical drive>properties.
    do you see a recording tab? whilst you're in there, is there a dla tab and if yes, is the box checked for enabling dla?
  • It's a combined CD/DVD drive - TEAC DVD-ROM DV28EV. In the "properties" of the optical drive there is no recording tab whatsoever. The four tabs present are general, autoplay, hardware, and sharing.
  • ok, had to make sure it was a recordable drive.

    if you are using xp then you'll need to go into the registry as there is a registry key for CD burning drive types.

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\CD Burning\Drives

    - All CD drives show up in same key

    - "Drive Type" value determines whether the drive is capable of writing and rewriting

    01=CD-R Drive

    02=CD-RW Drive

    03=Write Disabled

    Try setting the value to 02 by double clicking the registry key and editing the value. It should give you the missing RECORDING tab and hopefully recording capability!
  • Thank you for your advice - I followed the instructions and now there is a recorder tab and the computer recognizes the recorder as well. The only issue I have now is that when I insert the blank disc, the computer refuses to acknowledge it and the disc will spin for about three seconds and stop. However, this is still a huge improvement over how it was behaving earlier.
  • my next suggestion is to look on the dell site for an updated firmware for the drive.
  • There was no firmware, but I took my comp to my school's tech support desk and they said Dell had installed the wrong DVD/CD-ROM drive, so it was replaced with one that actually had burning capability, as the last one didn't. Now everything works perfectly. Thanks for all of your help with the recorder issues!