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Installing second hard drive (320 gb Seagate Barracuda 7200.10) to Optiplex 755

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Installing second hard drive (320 gb Seagate Barracuda 7200.10) to Optiplex 755

  • I have an Optiplex 755 running Windows XP Pro off a 80 gb Western Digital SATA HDD.  I recently purchased a 320 gb  Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 SATA HDD (ST3320620AS) to install as a second hard drive.  The BIOS recognizes the drive...Seagate DiscWizard successfully partitioned the drive...Windows XP Pro recognizes the drive & partions...all seems normal, except, everytime I boot the computer I get an error "HDD replacement is not valid, continued use may result in long term HDD reliability issues."  Dell, Seagate, and Norton diagnostic software does not indicate any problems.  I have made sure that all Dell-related drivers are up-to-date.  I have also changed out cables, and jumpered the Seagate down to 1.5 gb/sec, with no success.
    Any suggestions?
  • Which form factor 755, there are four.
    That is a new error code I have never seen. What are you up to Dell?
    Try changing the "Hard drive Acoustic Mode" in the bios, set it to "suggested" or "bypass"
  • I have the desktop form factor.  Also, tried switching BIOS' HDD acoustic mode from Bypass to Suggested, with no change in the error.
    BTW, the "HDD replacement is not valid..." error occurs immediately following the Dell (POST) splash screen, and before the Windows XP splash screen.
    Thanks in advance.
  • I don't know what games Dell is playing with that message, it is generic in nature and I have never heard of this before.
    You might try a post on the Optiplex board, see if anybody over there has heard of this error and what it means Exactly.
    Please post back if you find an answer.
    You may have to call Dell and get 2nd tier tech support to answer this.

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  • We just received 3 "small desktop" 755s.  All 3 are giving the same error you are experiencing.  The machines are configured with 2 250GB Seagate drives.
    Any updates? 
    I'm sitting in the Dell Gold Chat queue right now.
  • Dell's email technical support has stated (so far):  "Unfortunately we do not support any hardware that wasn't shipping with the original system, in the other hand I suggest you to contact you hard drive's manufacturer."
    Regretably, that haven't explained:
    1.  What is the technical trigger for this message.
    2.  What specifically is "not valid".
    3.  How the computer checks a HDD's validity.
    4.  Whether Optiplex's are only compatible with Dell-procured (WD and Seagate) HDDs.
    My opinion is that my Optiplex is running Dell's BIOS and Dell-configured Windows XP...I feel they have a responsibility to explain the error messages they have programmed into my computer.
    Regrettably I have not found a 320 GB SATA-300 HDD on the Dell Optiplexupgrade website.
    I will continue to update this thread as I get additional information.
  • Dell support advised me I am seeing this error because the hard drives are Segates.  They are sending us two 250GB Western Digital drives to swap out.  They said the system only supports WD.  This makes sense, since we received the same computer a month ago that works just fine and it has WD drives.
    To the OP, I'd guess you need both WD drives (not mix in Seagate)
  • So Dell has cut a deal with Western Digital. 
  • Progress!
    Dell email tech support has higlighted the problem with Dell Knowledge Base article 329305
    "A secondary hard drive is now offered as an optional component in the [Optiplex 755] Desktop (DT) chassis. This configuration is only available from the factory. The secondary hard drive is not able to installed as an aftermarket drive due to the chassis configuration and extra components. The addition of a second hard drive means that the desktop chassis can now support RAID.

    When a secondary hard drive is purchased, a new bezel is installed on the chassis which provides space inside the chassis for the secondary hard drive (Figure 1). The floppy bay is no longer available with this bezel.


    In the event that the secondary hard drive must be replaced, the replacement drive must be a Western Digital or Samsung because of thermal constraints in the chassis. The BIOS automatically performs a check at POST, and the check stops at an F1/F2 prompt if an invalid configuration is detected.

    A message appears (Figure 1) that informs the user of the invalid configuration and allows them to choose to continue, knowing there could be a long-term reliability risk to the HDD or ask for a redispatch."

    My situation is that I added the 2d HDD, so I don't have the correct bezel.  Looks like I need to swap out the 2d HDD for a WD or Samsung, or go eSATA, or buy a different form factor.


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  • Interesting, so its a thermal issue, mystery solved.
  • unfortunatly there information is not complete - I put a 1TB WD drive in - and am getting this message.  I do have the latest bios (A09)


    Just checked - the first drive in the system (as delivered by Dell) is a seagate ...

    so I guess even though  I added a WD drive, I should replace the Seagate one if I want to stay within the thermal limits ...

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