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Base System Device on an Inspiron 1520

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Base System Device on an Inspiron 1520

  • As you may have read in my other thread about changing my Laptop from VISTA to XP. I made the conversion and everything seems to have gone ok except for one thing. In Device Manager I have three items listed as other devices "Base System Device". I believe I have gone through all the items on the Driver/ Download page but I can't seem to get the ?! to clear. Does anyone know what these "Basic System Device" refer to?
    Thanks in advance 
  • try installing this driver, :)
  • It worked, thank you
  • You'e welcome :)
  • My problem was solved. Thanks a lot for the driver. It really works!

  • Thank you so much, i was experiancing problems with picking up signals from my laptop. After i installed this my laptop worked fine!

    Thanks again

  • You guys are awesome. I also had this issue and the download work. Thank you so much.


  • is there a 64 bit solution similar to above

  • 64-bit what?

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  • Can you tell the exact name of the driver? Coz your link is lost... thanks!! :)

  • The Chipset Driver  32 bit Ricoh R5C832, R5C843, R5C833, v.1.0.1, A00

    Ricoh R5C832, R5C843, R5C833, v.503, A02

    Ricoh R5C8xx Card (Driver)- Vista64/XP64

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