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No Product Key for WordPerfect

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No Product Key for WordPerfect

  • I have to reinstall WordPerfect Productivity Pack, WordPerfect 12. My husband threw out the paper sleeve containing the Product Key/Serial Number. How do I obtain the Product Key? I've gone on Dell Support Chat and sent an email to the Corel Company. Dell Chat could not help me. Corel has not answered my email. I am desperate!!  I have a Dell Desktop Dimension 8250 computer.

    Message Edited by everfree on 08-21-2007 05:23 PM
  • Unfortunately, you'll have to buy a new copy of the program.
  • You need to reinstall Word Perfect ? ?
    Is it still installed at all ? ?

    If so, download Belarc Advisor

    or Everest Home Edition

    Both are available at

    They can tell you the License Codes and Product Codes
    for your installed applications
  • My computer was wiped clean. When I began reinstalling programs I discovered the paper disc covers missing.