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DST Short Status Test - Error 1000-0141 - No Drive Detected

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DST Short Status Test - Error 1000-0141 - No Drive Detected

  • Hello,

    I was using my computer, no problems... then it locked up, I re-booted, and it would not boot... it just said No Drive Detected.

    I ran diag and it said:

    DST Short Status Test [Fail] - Error 1000-0141 - MSG: No Drive Detected

    Why would this happen?

    How can I fix it?

  • Slide the drive out and back in again. If it's still not detected, it's dead; replace it with a drive of the same type (SATA or EIDE).
  • Dead? if it's dead is there ny way to get the data?
  • If the system doesn't recognize a drive at all, you may still be able to retrieve the data, but you'll need a data recovery service to do it.

    Such services aren't cheap (budget about $2,500) but if you need the data and the system sees no drive, it's your only option.
  • Also, is it possible that it is not the drive and that it is some other part of the computer? at the drive connection?
  • It's very unlikely. If you've reseated the drive and it's still not found, but was working before, it's dead. To confirm, install a new drive.
  • Hi,
    I've Dell Inspirion Laptop and out of sudden my laptop is not booting and its kind of doing into loop i.e. the main Dell screen keeps coming again and again.
    after going into diagnostics and running it, I found following:
    1000-0141 - NO HARD DRIVE DETECTED
    Is there anyway, this can be fixed without replacing HD?
    Can I try to re-install the XP OS and see if its works?
    If at last I've to replace HD, what will be the total cost? Can it be done at home or do i have to take it to some service center?
    Any ideas or suggestions are welcome!