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NEC DVD+-RW ND 6450A - [FW 2.36] - [ATAPI]

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NEC DVD+-RW ND 6450A - [FW 2.36] - [ATAPI]

  • My DVD burner will not work.  Recognizes and playes CD's and DVD's but will not burn.  The program Studio 10 will not recognize the disc as burnable regardless of +R or -R.

  • Hi Really lost,

    Click on the CD/RW link in my post and scroll to Section 15, article 1 and see if this will help.
    If not, same CD/RW link, Section 100, article 36, s if this Microsoft artile will help. Even though it mentions CD/RW drive, works the same for DVD/RW drive.

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    CD/RW Link

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