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Inspiron 6400 DVD Drive doesn´t eject discs

  • In August I bought an Inspiron 6400, and sometimes when playing CDs, the CD can´t be ejected when I push the eject button or choose "Eject disc" in Windows. I have to close Windows session or reboot, and then it ejects.
    I´m running Windows XP Media Center 2005 and have tested correctly the CD Drive in Bios and Windows Safe Mode.
    Please any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you,
  • This sounds more like a software problem.  What application are you using when the drive won't eject?
  • It happens when I´ve been using Windows Media Player (Version 11) or Windows Media Center to see a video on a CD. Then when I want to eject the CD, it never ejects, and the green light of the DVD doesn´t light.
    Then if I start Cyberlink Power DVD an I click on "Eject" in this program, it works.
  • In February I bought an Inspiron 6400 with Windows Vista home premium S.O. and I have the same problem with the CD/DVD unit, even with data CD's.