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checkpoint [WAKE]

  • Hi can anyone help with my problem. My Dimension 1950 shut dow with a blue screen and stop 0x0000008e, 0xc0000005, 0X8081C09C, 0XF73DA630, 0X00000000. When I try to boot the system the screen shows floppy diskette seek failure previous attempts at booting the system have failed at Checkpoint [WAKE]. The diagonistic light sequence stops with lights 1, 2, and 3, green and the light for number 4 is not lit. I would be grateful for any help in resolving this problem.
                                                                                                  Regards nell11.
  • Although Dell systems will give checkpoint errors, Dell in all their wisdom never published a list that explains the errors and how to correct them. 
    One suggestion.... if you do not have a floppy drive installed and you can access the BIOS by pressing the F2 key at boot up then turn Off the Diskette Drive controller. That option can be found in the Drives sub-menu of the BIOS. 
  • Thanks I have turned of the floppy it made no difference when I viewed my boot sequence and 1. Onboard or usb floppy drive not present. 2 Onboard sata hard drive not present 3 Onboard IDE drive not present 4. Onboard
  • Thanks I done what you told me it does not make any difference when I go to boot sequence it seems none of my drives Usb floppy, sata or hard drive are present. I really dont want to go to Dell as I had a bad experience with them. Do you think I will be able to fix the problem.
                                                                                             Regards nell11.
  • A couple of things to try, first try disconnecting all unneeded USB devices except for the keyboard and mouse.  Sometimes checkpoint errors are related to USB devices.  Secondly, can you boot up to the Dell Diagnostic menu at boot up by pressing the F12 key?   If you can then I would suggest running the Dell Diagnostics on the system to see if it will indicate the source of the problem.
    As far as not contacting Dell Tech Support,  if you have a hardware problem and the system is still under warranty then you will eventually have to contact them for repairs anyways.
  • Hi I have run the hard drive dianostics and the the results are drive 0 no device drive 1 maxtor 6L16OMO Pass drive 2 no device drive 3 no device drive 4 HL-DT-ST DVD+/-RW GWA4164B Diagonists not supported, drive 5 no device.Then it tells me to reboot.
                                                                                          Thanks nell11
  • At this point, the best I can suggest is to review some of the previous postings in the forums here on that checkpoint error code.  Try some of the suggestions offered in the various postings to see if it will resolve your problem as well.  You can click here for those search results.
  • I am just trying different things to try and see if I can get any nearer to solving the problem I tried to boot the computer but the [NTL DR] is missing any idea what this means.
                                                                                                              Thanks nell11.
  • Click here for a web site that explains the possible causes for that error message.