Can't write when using - Burn files to disc using Windows - New Dell Inspiron 6400

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Can't write when using - Burn files to disc using Windows - New Dell Inspiron 6400

  • I have a problem writting to DVDs using Vistas built in burn software. I can burn fine using Media Player (I have uninstalled Roxia due to the DLA error)
    The Drive doesn't show any problems during diagnostics
    When I put a new DVD in the drive and select "Burn files to disc using Windows "  It will come up with Burn a Disc and allow me to select a title. After that I have to select format option. If I leave the default (top) I will write calculating time required and it will get stuck at that point. If I select the bottum option it will allow me to drop files, but when I burn them I get to performing final steps to finish this disc and then it gets stuck.
    In Event Viever I get Event 11 - The driver detected a controller error on \Device\CdRom0.
    When I am selecting using Media Player I also get errors but these are:
    Event ID:      51 - An error was detected on device \Device\CdRom0 during a paging operation.
    And they happen before the burn process. I don't get any during the actual process of burning and the files seems to be ok.

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  • You may want to reinstall Roxio thereafter visit there website to install their latest patch.
  • Well I would prefer not using Roxio and just using Vista. Besides I can't reinstall Roxio unless Dell sends me a disk.

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  • I didn't test the burning before uninstalling Roxio, but I am starting to think the Laptop had problems before uninstalling Roxio. I have tried to install Nero and it doesn't work right and gives me the same errors: Event 11 and 51
  • You should have an option under help/support to basically bring back to orig. status but than all your setting would be lost (IE, mail, etc) would have to start from scratch as if you just recieved your laptop.
  • Solved my problem. This drive is extremely picky with what kind of media it likes. The first 3 differnt medias I tried didn't work and created lots of errors. I found that never media with support for higher speeds worked.