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48X Max DVD/CD-ROM Drive

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48X Max DVD/CD-ROM Drive

  • I have a 48X Max CD-RW Drive and a 48X Max Variable CD-ROM, both of which are factory installed. In the properties windo for my computers hardware the drives are discribed as a Samsung CD-ROM SC-148C DVD/CD-ROM Drive and a Sony CD-RW CRX216E DVD/CD-ROM Drive. I would assume by the description that these drives would read a DVD, but I am unable to read any DVD in either drive. My question to the Forum is: Should I be able to play a DVD on my computer with Windows Media Player or not? I don't want to take it in to the shop if it ain't broke.

  • Hi chance,

    Unfortunately my friend you do not have a drive capable of playing DVD`s.
    The Samsung is a CD-ROM, here is the specs:
    Samsung 148C
    The Sony is a CD/RW, here is the specs:
    Sony 216E 
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