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Can't burn DVDs on Inspiron E1505--how solve?

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Can't burn DVDs on Inspiron E1505--how solve?

  • I had thought when I purchased this computer that I could burn DVDs on it, but after recording some video this past week w/ new camcorder (I learned everything NOT to do), I'm only offered the option of burning to CDs, not DVDs. So I went and purchased a device at Best Buy (pioneer) DVD drive to replace mine with but it doesn't fit--she must have thought I had a desktop.

    Before I go back there, am I getting this? Do I need to replace my laptop dvd drive? I see other posts with all sorts of technical language talking about burning DVDs on their laptops and it doesn't sound like they were using a different DVD drive than the one that came with their laptop....

    If I need to purchase a different dvd drive for the laptop or an external one--what type/brand do you recommend and why and where do you think the best price is?

  • I forgot to mention some info about the computer?

    Genuine Intel(R) CPU T2050 @ 1.60GHz
    Processor Speed 1.56 GHz
    Memory (RAM) 512 MB
    Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Professional
    Operating System Version 5.1.2600

  • Do you have a CD / DVD RW or the CD RW and DVD ROM drive?
  • It's a DVD r/rw and it says dvd rewritable so I think I can use what I have on my computer based on what I just heard from best buy. He mentioned checking if I have sonic software on computer and to try using that. So that may be the answer right there. What bothers the heck out of me is where did it say that anywhere on my camera manual? And I'm checking in my dell manual to see if it said it plainly there as well--have a feeling it doesn't.

    I'll test the sonic out to see if I can make it work or if you have another suggestion send it my way.

  • You need Sonic (or any other burning software) to burn DVDs.  The built-in burning
    software of Windows XP (if that is how you were trying to burn a DVD; you did not
    say) will not burn DVDs or even recognize a blank one.