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Windows Media Player Does Not Recognize CD/DVD Burner ("No CD or DVD burner has been detected")

  • I just bought an Inspiron 6400 with Sonic Media player and it may have removed some of my Windows Media Player functions.  I can't burn CD's with Media Player (I get the message "No CD or DVD burner has been detected").
    Other players such as Real have no problems burning.
    Another problem occured when I took a disk burned on my 6400, using Sonic Media Player, and put it into my 4 year old desktop.  It now has the same problem as my laptop:  Windows Media Player doesn't work on my desktop either (same message).
    I bought the Inspiron 6400 for the sole purpose of music production (I'm a musician working on a CD project) and need Windows Media Player to work on both computers.  It seems like a simple problem to fix but no one seems to know what I can do (I have tried re-installing Media Player 10 and going up to Media Player 11 but the problem doesn't go away).
    Any suggestions?
  • To make it simple , I would use Nero or even better for a musician : a Mac