How can i restore my E1505 back to factory settings WITHOUT the PC Restore by Symantec?

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How can i restore my E1505 back to factory settings WITHOUT the PC Restore by Symantec?

  • If someone could help me out, I am desperate right now.

    Here's what happened, I wanted to completely start from scratch and since I didn't have the PC Restore by Symantec (I bought the Windows XP Home Reinstall CD instead), I decided to completely wipe out my Harddrive and the other partitions (D: and -:), and then install Windows XP all over again (NOT upgrade, but a new install).

    Now however, Everything has gone wrong. My laptop, an DELL INSPIRON E1505, is now acting like a desktop, has the wrong resolution (they don't even have the option of changing the resolution to 1680*1050, and whenever I start up, i see this black screen telling me to choose an OS (both of which are Windows XP HOME but only one works).

    Is there ANY way I could restore my E1505 Back to the ORIGINAL settings (factory settings)? I feel so stupid now for deleting the harddrive and the partitions, because i didn't order the PC Restore by Symantec CD.

    Please help, im on the edge of just breaking my laptop. -_-
  • Once you install XP, you then need to install the chipset driver, notebook system software, and then the video, audio, touchpad, mouse, modem, network, etc., drivers.
  • The problem is, That's not working.

    I have the Dell Diagnostics and drivers CD, but on it, it only has drivers and stuff for Inspiron 700m, and ME05 models

    nowhere, does it list my E1505 model

    also, the resolution still fails to change to the native one, it just stays at an ugly 1024*768
  • Download the drivers mentioned above, reinstall XP and then the drivers.


  • is there any way i could purchase a copy of the PC Restore by Symantec CD?

    what i want is a FACTORY version of my laptop, and I can't do that without the CD.

    its not on my partition either.
  • No. Once you delete the partition it's gone forever.

    As above, visit, choose Original Configuration, make a list of the drivers, and download them. Install the chipset and notebook system software first, and then the other drivers.
  • yes, i just figured that out

    thanks to customer support though, im all fixed now

    it just takes a lot longer without the PC RESTORE by Symantec

    thanks to everyone who helped