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cd drive keeps ejecting itself

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cd drive keeps ejecting itself

  • hi! i need some help and advice here
    i'm using dell inspiron 2650 which has a cd-rom drive (no burning function)
    the problem is the cd-rom drive keeps ejecting itself all the time even when it's reading a cd.
    what should i do? is it a hardware or software problem?
    the cd starts ejecting itself as soon as i turn the power on so could it be a hardware problem? is there anyway i can fix this?
  • You may start by looking for an updated driver for the CD drive or uninstalling/reinstalling the drive.  I would also suggest looking to see if the driver is published by Microsoft or by the maker of the drive itself.  You may opt for the OEM's driver rather than MS's.  How old is your BIOS version?
  • the bios is PhoenixBIOS, BIOS version A06
    i'm using windows xp
    in the BIOS and windows device manager both state that the cd rom is samsung cd-rom sn-124
    i can't find any OEM driver for the cd-rom
    currently, the cd-rom properties page shows that the cd-rom is using Microsoft driver
    the driver date is 1/07/2001 version 5.1.2535.0
    but i don't think the problem is with the driver coz the cd-rom keeps ejecting itself even before entering windows
  • How did you fix this ?
  • You can't change the driver. All, and I repeat all CD and DVD drives use the same Windows ATAPI driver. You may be able to find a firmware update, either from Dell or the drive manufacturer.

    Chances are good this is a hardware failure, and the drive needs to be replaced. If you are under warranty, call Dell.

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