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Why does Internet Explorer take so long to load?

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Why does Internet Explorer take so long to load?

  • My Inspiron 9400 is 4 months old-Windows XPPro; SP2. I am connected to the Internet via high speed cable modem.
    My hard drive is only 20% full. My cable connection is working fine, and the computer boots up normally, at the usual speed.
    I use Internet Explorer as my default browser, and my e-mail is GMail.
    Up to 3 days ago there was no problem. Now, after I have rebooted, or restarted, the computer, and want to open Internet Explorer, it tales much, much longer for IE to open. When it does, it is normal.Once loaded, surfing the Web is at the normal speed. It also takes longer to open my e-mail from the 'GMail Notifier' in the system tray.
    I have removed the screen saver--it made no difference. I performed a 'disk cleanup'-temporary internet files only; I removed lots of stuff from the Recycle Bin,including all the .tmp and .bak files; I checked my start-up programs--there is nothing unusual there.I ran the 'system file checker' and 'scan disk'--no problems showed. Defragmenting was not necessary.
    What can be causing this sudden change in loading these 2 programs?
    Would appreciate any advice.
  • You've done alot of things BUT DIDN'T SCAN VIRUS, SPYWARES!!
  • Sorry, should have mentioned that Norton AntiVirus 2005 software runs in the background; once daily I run the AVG software; Windows Defender runs in the vackground. Once every day or so I run Adaware, Spybot Search and Protect, and A-Squared. Spyware Blaster is loaded. All are up-to-date with updates, and nothing is amiss.
  • hmm, is you've done all the scanning and nothing shows up then try double checking that your hdd hasn't slipped into pio mode.
  • Have checked the Device Manager/IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers. I opened the installed 'primary' and 'secondary' channels. In each case, I clicked on 'advanced settings'.

    Results re 'primary': Device type: IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers. Device is working properly. Transfer mode: DMA if available. Current transfer mode: 'Ultra DMA Mode 5'

    Results re 'secondary': Device type: all as for 'primary', except transfer mode is 'Ultra DMA Mode 2'.

    I am only an intermediate user, but  this does not sound like 'PIO mode' is the problem.

    Should I just live with the problem?


  • your results show that your hdd is correctly using udma 5.

    how much ram does your system have?
  • 1GB, DDR2,667 MHz memory [RAM]; 120 GB  Hard Drive.


    When I click on the Internet Explorer icon in the Quick Launch bar, immediately a window opens, with the title "Microsoft Internet Explorer", and my correct home page is shown in the URL.

    However, the rest of the window remains blank for about 1 minute--it used to load almost immediately.

    Once loaded, browsing from web page to web page is as quick as previously.

    The same problem occurs when I try to launch the 'GMail Notifier' from the system tray. Very slow to load. This began at the same time as difficulty with IE.

    Incidentally, at all times, there are no other programs  or documents open when I want to load Internet Explorer.

    Really appreciate your time and effort in helping me with this problem.