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Roxio CD Creator Cannot REcognize CD/DVD Drive

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Roxio CD Creator Cannot REcognize CD/DVD Drive

  • This was an old problem I had and fixed it, but now it is happening again. I can not seem to fix it and need some help.

    I have a Dememsion 8200 with Widnows XP Pro. My DVD drive is NEC DVD+RW ND-1100A and I am using Roxio Easy CD Creator 5. I uninstalled the Roxio Easy CD Creator 5, and reinstall it. After rebooting the computer, I got this message:

    Direct CD can not find any supported recordable drive.

    I also tried to remove the NEC Drive, and reboot to let Windows XP install it. I check the Device Manager afterwards and it says the drive is working properly.

    When I tried to launch the CD creator, I can not find the application for formating CD or DVD.

    Thanks for your help in advance.

  • You may need to go to the Roxio Web Site and apply the
    latest and final update to Easy CD Creator 5.
  • I tried this. Every time I tried to install the update, I received the message:

    The update has been cancled. No qualified Roxio product can be detected.

    I have uninstalle and reinstalled Roxio software using the software on Dell Disk two or three times and always received the same message as given above.

  • Uninstall Roxio then run RoxiZap here ..............

    then install Roxio Easy CD Creator.  Do not reboot, instead go here ....

    and install the update that applies to your version.  Platinum version
    is at the top and the Basic version at the bottom of the page.

    RoxiZap will clean the system of old parts of the program.  Not rebooting
    after the install will correct apply the update.
  • I uninstalled Roxio Basic 5X, and ran RoxiZap. I reboot and reinstall Roxio Basic 5X, and installed the patch without rebooting. It apparently installed the patch.

    After reboot, I continue to get the message: "Direct CD cannot find any supported recordable drive".

    I opened the Easty Creator window, and was able to record something on a DVD-RW even though the speed was only 2.4X, very slow.

    However, I remembered I was able to format a DVD-RW drive a while back, but I can not do it now. When I select the "Direct CD Format Utility" button, nothing came up. Any suggestions will be very helpful.

    Thanks to Skybird for solving the patch installation problem

  • I have no solution, but I do have a comment.  Easy CD Creator 5 "broke" with
    Windows XP SP2.  That is, for some Users it works well, for some it does not
    work at all, and for some it only work partially.  Easy CD Creator 5 is old
    (greater than 4 years) and is no longer supported.  This could be what you
    are, and have been, experiencing.  Roxio is not at Version 8 by way of 6, 7,
    and 7.5.  Version 6 and up are compatible with Windows XP SP2.
  • It appears that everything is working now after installing Creator 5X update (ecdc_v5.3.5.10_basic_enu.exe). I believe what has happend causing my problems is that I was not able to install this ecdc_v5.3.5.10_basic_enu.exe, till you advised me to use RoxiZap to remove all the files after uninstalling. This ecdc_v5.3.5.10_basic_enu.exe is apparently needed to allow formatting of DVD+R/W.

    Thanks Skybird for your assistance.



  • Dell also has a patch to update to
    This helped me to run Roxio EasyCD 5 basic after SP2 upgrade (although I've since moved to Roxio Easy media creator suite 8).

    Precision Tower 5810, Quadcore Intel Xeon E5-1630 v3, 3700 MHz
    RAM:16 GB PC6400 DDR4 SDRAM 1066MHz
    HDD: 2x ATA  ST500DM002-1BD14 500GB SATA non RAID
    Video: nVIDIA Quadro K4200 PCIe 4GB
    Audio: Recon3D PCIe, Altec Lansing ADA995 5.1 speakers
    Monitor: Dell E2011H

    7.1 pro sp1 64 bit