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DST short status test failure

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DST short status test failure

  • Hi, My Inspiron 5160 shows DST short status test failure with an error code 1000-0142.
    Msg-Unit 4: Drive self test failed status byte=89.
    How can it be resolved?
  • Replace the drive.
  • why do i need to replace the drive
  • Because it has failed.
  • If you still have an active warranty with Dell, call Dell Technical Support so you can have your hard drive replaced. Your hard drive has failed the Drive Selft Test and it needs to be replaced.
  • I have the same problem, but when I use the "escape" key to exit the diagnostics, Windows XP starts right up and everythign works ???
  • I also just started having the same problem on my Inspiron 600M.  I ran the full diagnostics, and the hard drive checked out fine.  The drive self test failure does not come up every time the pc is rebooted, and everything appears to be fine if the error is ignored.  Is the drive really on the verge of failing?  I did a full backup of the hard drive just in case.
  • I hava almost the same problem with my Latitude D510, but the error code is 1000-0146

  • borestofilo wrote:
    I hava almost the same problem with my Latitude D510, but the error code is 1000-0146

    If the words are the same, i.e. DST failure, you need a new hard disk.

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  • Yeah, I know, but thanks anyway.
    I thought I could recover the HD (I did it with my sister's computer) but trying to do it on my Dell I've seen the DST error and my hopes disappeared
  • Re-Install Windows on the SAME drive and DONOT delete the previous version.

  • I inserted my Windows XP Boot Disk and re-installed it on the SAME drive.  DONOT delete the previous version of Windows and it works fine.  You may have to install some of the previous software.

  • Did you try to Re-Install your Operating System.  Do Not Delete the old version as it sit on a bad track on your Hard Drive. 

  • The Drive is bad.  However, you can leave the existing Operating System in tack and re-install it again on the same drive (sort of dangerous) but it works. You still will need to get yourself a new hard drive sooner or later.

  • Another option is to get and run SPIN RITE from GRC.