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Trouble with CD-RW in Dimension 2400

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Trouble with CD-RW in Dimension 2400

  • I have a Dell Dimension 2400 with the Celeron Processor in it.  This pc came with a CD-ROM drive only.  So I took the CD-RW drive out of my old HP computer and put it in the Dell.  THis burner has HP marked on the front, but it shows up as Mitsui as the manufacturer.
    Anyway, the computer seems to recognize the drive just fine, and I am able to burn a small portion of data to a cd just fine.
    THe problem arrises when I try to copy a cd, or burn a bunch of data to the cd (mp3's).  The software I use is Hotburn Pro from Iomega.  This is the software I used on the HP and it worked just fine.  Anyway, when I go to copy a cd or place a large chunk of data on a cd, the buffer fills immediately to 100% and stays there the whole time.  Then 1 of 2 things happen, I either get a buffer underrun error, or the cd says it completes successfully, but then the disc is unreadable to the pc or a cd player. 
    I have tried the simulate first option, and the copy to HD first option, but still had teh same result.
    ANy info would be much appreicated as I am at my wit's end with this thing.
    Also, the burner is old, probalby 5 yrs old, so it's max burn speed is 4x.  Is there any chance the new computer is too fast and the burner can't keep up?

  • Did you set the jumper to cable select? Did you reset NVRAM? See How Do I Clear NVRAM on my Dell™ Dimension™ System?.

    The next thing to check would be to see if the drive is running is running in DMA mode. See this article from Jeff's site for help.
  • Thank you for the tips, I tried both of those.  Set both drives to auto in the bios, cleared the nvram, and verified both drives jumpers were set to CS for cable select.  It will copy the cd and say it was successful, but the cd still is unreadable.  Any more thoughts would be greatly appreciated. 

    I am to the point of just buying a new burner, but I am afraid that the new one won't work either...



  • Too early to give up yet. Let me suggest you use the Windows CD burning wizard. Yo'll need to check your device properties and make sure the recording tab is there and says "enable CD recording for this device". Then, open Windows Explorer, select the file(s) you want to write to the disc, right click the selected files, hover over Send to, then select CD-RW (or DVD-RW) drive. Windows will copy the files to a temporary location and a little bubble will pop up telling you there are files waiting to be written to the CD. Click that and a box will pop up showing files on the disc and files waiting to be written to the disc. Click File, Write these files to CD.
  • Thanks, I will try that when I get home tonight.
  • After re-reading, I don't know if that will help, as the problem I am having is when I need to copy cd's.
  • Ok, thanks for the clarification. If you cannot copy properly, there must be a transfer issue somewhere. I would still suggest you try the Windows burning wizard to copy a large amount of data and see if it works better than the program you're trying.

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  • Thanks again for the help.  I am wondering if this might be part of the problem, as in Device Manager I am not able to find a record CD box to check.  Could the system think this is a CD-ROM instead of RW?
  • The recording tab is found in drive properties, not device manager. However, take a look at this MS article for more troubleshooting steps.
  • Ah I see.  I will check there tonight.  Thanks for sticking with me on this, I appreciate it.  I know enough to be dangerous on this stuff, but that is about it.  That microsoft website appears to be very helpful.

    Thanks again.  I will let you know how it goes.

  • Ok, well I was able to get that box checked for the drive, but still not able read a cd after attempting a CD copy.  I am thinking that this drive is just not compatable with my system, so I think I am probably going to just buy a new burner, unless you have any further suggestions.




  • Go here for a list of 16 CD-RW drives at, all under $25. Heck, for a few dollars more, you could get a DVD±RW.
  • Thanks, I really do appreciate all of your help.  I think if I buy I will go with the DVD.  I actually have my eye on this one, can you let me know if you think it is a good drive to buy?  Thanks.


  • Yes, that's a good drive, and it comes with Nero OEM Express. $30!! Wow!! Nice find.

    Better grab it, the rebate expires Sunday.

  • Good deal, just ordered it.  Thanks again for all your help.

    Hopefully this one will be able to copy cd's!! 

    I am still extremely baffled to why the current one does everything except a straight copy of a cd, but I guess that one will just remail a mystery.