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New hard drive will not boot

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New hard drive will not boot

  • I have replaced the stock 40mb hard drive on my Inspiron 8200 due to major sector problems with a Toshiba 80mb/5400rpm.  I am unable to boot from either the HD or CD though both are recognized by the BIOS (F2 setup).  I have read and tried as many solutions offered on this forum, but can not get either the HD or CD to boot.  I've physically and system-wise (F2) removed the CD-ROM and HD to force one or other to boot first.  I've used the one-time boot option (F12) to select booting from the CD, but get same/similar results.
    Base on the messages I get "No bootable devices--strike F1...strike F2...", I'm leaning towards replacing the CD-ROM but would like some input/advise before I do.
    Thanks --- Hap
  • You can't boot from hdd because it si brand new. So what is in your cd-rom? Is it a bootable CD? Can you boot from flash drive? (You can search web to make a bootable flash drive)
  • When you installed the new Harddrive, did you remove the IDE adapter connector from your old drive and install it on the new drive's 44 pin interface? Without it, your new Harddrive is not connected to the main board. The Fixed optical drive is slaved to the Harddrive on this model and it will not be recognized unless the harddrive is recognized. The new harddrive will be recognized by BIOS and DOS whether or not any prep has been done to it, but it will not be a bootable device until Windows has been run on it.

    Inspiron 8200
    1.4mhz Pentium IV
    1024mb PC2100 DDR SDRAM
    40gb Hitachi 7200rpm-HTE726040M9AT00-UDMA5
    Pioneer DVR-K05 DVD-RW in Fixed Bay
    LS-120 SuperFloppy in ModularBay
    Windows XP Pro SP2
    I8kFanGui 2.20
    ATI Radeon 7500 64MB Video Card
    15" SXGA LCD

  • Thanks, I did remove/install the adapter connector (an early discovery).  However given the time (and cost) I'm extremely frustrated at this point.  Any suggestions for recognizing something bootable, either HD or CD?
    Thanks.  Hap
  • A floppy drive in the modular Bay with a DOS bootable diskette
  • Did you solve this problem, because I am having a similar one. I have a new hard drive installed and am trying to reinstall windows using a bootable disk in the cd/dvd drive and I continue to get the no bootable device message. I have fixed the BIOS to recognize the cd/dvd dirve. Thank you for your help.
  • With the HDD set after the CD Drive in the boot order, you should get a prompt to Press Any Key to Boot From The CD. Press enter when you see this and the install should start. Oh, I am assuming you did the earlier direction to install the IDE adapter on the new drive's 44 pin interface; the drive is not connected to the motherboard without it, and if it is not recognized as present, your CD Fixed Optical drive is also not recognized.